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09-08-2000, 08:30 PM
How to make each page of a workbook, display the correct date.

I have a workbook where each sheet displays the jobs to be carried out that day
There are 5 pages to the book, Mon to Fri
We print off the next days page (sheet) the afternoon before, and Mondays sheet, late Friday afternoon, occasionally on a Sat.

Presently, We have to input Mondays date in Mondays sheet
Tuesdays formula in cell A1 is A1Mon+1 Where A1 holds all the Dates in all sheets

Each date cell, on Tue Fri sheet, update correctly, but we rely on a manual entry.

How or what formula can I use to in Mondays sheet to input the correct date.

=Today() will not suffice, re printing out the day before

Thanks in anticipation....John