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17-12-2004, 10:34 PM
Firstly I like the new look here :thumbs:
(had trouble finding the 'post new topic button :help: )

I actually went outside today! (yes, its got good graphics outside)
and i had a look in ripoffcentral aka CashConverters and looked at the fone section.

it had to small fones for $150 one white and one black called Panasonic A200
i looked at reviews and it seemed alright, has everything i want except pxt but thats ok. anyways while i was browsing the net on vodafones site i saw that they are selling the same fone new (with prepay connection and simcard (duh)) for the same price as cash converters $150.......??????????????
i thought 2nd hand items were cheapa! anyways just wana know if anyone has advice for me about this phone and if its worth the money

cheers, Nighthawk....oh i mean Jamesyboi!! (old account.....not working?)

17-12-2004, 10:37 PM
Ha, and theres an annoying drop down menu right...


that burns into my screen! :@@: