View Full Version : For those ppl who are using Opera 7.54

13-12-2004, 10:05 AM
There's a security update 7.54.u1

Here with java.


Or here without Java.


This is if you havent installed the 7.60 technical version

Some of the changes in this update

Named frames or windows can be hi-jacked by malicious frames or windows.

Periods in the file name and non-breaking spaces in the Content-Type header can make the save/open dialog misleading. A user may be convinced that an executable file is something else, for example a PDF document.

Applets have access to sun.* packages

Liveconnect: com.opera.EcmascriptObject constructor is accessible to Java

Liveconnect reveals the path to the user's home directory. This can make other vulnerabilities easier to exploit.

Severity: Moderate/High

Opera has tightened origin check for frames and in addition to those fixes, improved support for the "must-revalidate" cache directive.