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10-12-2004, 07:25 PM
I am trialling "Replay Radio" to record and burn "Cool Blue" on CD.
Will be exceedingly willing to buy if I can get it to do what I (desperately) need.

Seem to get it to record most of the time, although whilst some recordings show 207 Mg apparently recorded I get silence when I try to play :_| - yet other (earlier) days I get the full sound. :)

I tried the record log for this program and amongst each days record it says:
>>>Enhanced Sound Card Driver DLL not found.

Is that significant please ? (Also - how do I tell you what I have ??)

Also I have just reduced the speed of recording to 4 X (from 8X) as Chill identified that it did not seem to reach the stated specs.

I may have conflict between the numerous audio devices I now have such as
VLC media player
Real Audio
Windows Media Player
QuickTime (Pain in the ass !!)

If I had to guess what might cause conflict I would say WinAmp - I thought QuickTime intrusive until I me WinAmp ! Perhaps, though, I am misreporting. ]:)

I run Windows ME.

10-12-2004, 08:15 PM
That missing dll might have something to do with the sound by the looks of it, if u get no sound.....after it says it has recorded something.

Most of those programs can use audio. Theyre not actually audio devices.

Can you hear anything with any of those programs at all. When you want to listen to a cd/mp3 etc??

What exactly is cool blue? a cd??

I would look in Device Manager under sound. See what it says. Like anything, like a X ? ! ? or other?

10-12-2004, 09:04 PM
Hi Spacemannz
Oops, using the term 'device' was a slip. They are programs of course.

Yes I have been able to get sound from all of them so appears no problems there.

There could be some smaller problem from conflict between these programs but I am pretty certain that the main problem is something else.

I suspect that there may be a problem with either my CD burner or with the software for burning. Maybe I should try something other than Adaptec CD Creator 4 (which is now rather outdated - though I would guess, not so much outdated for this purpose) to identify whether it is the software. If it is a problem with the CD burner itself then how would I check that ?

'Cool Blue' was an Auckland radio station that specialised in mainly blues/jazz but had to give up because of lack of revenue. It still carries on though just on the internet.

11-12-2004, 10:21 AM
Umm you could try this http://www.cdburnerxp.se/ its free, and looks like it can burn most things. Yup CD Creator is a bit old now. Its upto v7 now.

Or you could try Nero, if this came with your burner. Or download it, its pretty big though.

I think the only way you wld find out if the burner is OK, is to try another program. So, you were recording off cool blue off the net first?? Then trying to burn to cd? (Were the files you were trying to burn in MP3 format or other)?

Or were you trying to directly burn to cd from the net?

11-12-2004, 01:07 PM
Hi Spacemannz
I was recording to WAV. Firstly I was recording to hard disk with the idea of then to burn to CD.

Yes I noticed your earlier posting to thread 54246 which recommended the cdburnerxp program and had recorded the info in AZZ Cardfile. Must have a look though and check out that it would suit Windows ME. The fact that the name ends in xp may, or may not, be significant. Otherwise I could look through the PC World free CD's for Nero. Overall, whatever program I use I would like to stay with, it takes up more time and energy at my age learning too many programs in succession.

Many thanks for your advice.

12-12-2004, 01:49 PM
Just checked and it suits Windows ME as well. Will give it a go !
Misty :D

12-12-2004, 03:40 PM
Hi Spacemannz
Got it all working at last, the key thing seems to have been that Adaptec CD Creator 4 is no longer working properly. The CD BurnerXP Pro is doing the job fine. It mainly took me the courage to move on - I kept thinking that I would get Adaptec working again, but as was said it is an old program now. Even in their forum (which is now Roxio) there is not a lot happening.

Many thanks for your help.
Misty :D