View Full Version : installing new COM port for palmtop cradle

04-08-2000, 12:05 PM
My desktop has one 9-pin serial plug and one 25-pin. My mouse inhabits the 9-pin. The problem is, I want to use a palmtop cradle which also has a 9-pin plug. I can use the cradle fine when I use the mouse's plug, but I can't figure out how to use both at the same time. I tried plugging the cradle into the 25-pin plug using a 9-pin-to-25-pin converter, and uninstalling all com ports in safe mode, hoping that windows would recognise it after the next reboot, to no avail.

I suppose I need to intall a third com port (COM1 is the 9-pin serial port, COM2 is my modem), but I'm not sure how to assign it to the 25-pin serial.

I'm running Win95 on a P166.