View Full Version : Printer problem

02-08-2000, 09:57 PM
I have a computer with a PC100 (M571?) motherboard running a Cyrix M2-300 pcu. After starting printing, it gives a 'printer time out error occured' message and advises increasing the time out settings. No matter what these are changed to, the problem persists. It will print up 2-3 pages on a HP670 printer and up to 6-8 on an older HP500 before the printer stops. However it is not consistent, with sometimes only half a page printing. I have checked the BIOS settings for LPT1 (EPP,etc) and these are set the same as a computer on which the printer does work. Would disabling the onboard LPT1 and adding a card with only LPT1 enabled solve the problem. Thank you for your assistance on a frustrating problem.