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26-11-2004, 03:34 PM
I am sure, all you guys with Hotmail aware that new services available? how come it didn't mention that it will increase it's size quota?


26-11-2004, 05:26 PM
I was told by a guy who new a guy who was infact the same guy as himself, who read it from somewhere - I thought it was secretive...

26-11-2004, 05:40 PM
As they are rolling it out slowly (USA first), they are not promoting it here very much. They did release a press release a few months back regarding this, however they kept it reasonably low-key as it wasn't going to be an immediate increase (ie. i'm still on 2mb).

Cave Servant
26-11-2004, 06:47 PM
Hey Somebody,

Couple of guys i work with have 250Mb already, of course they could have signed up as Bill Gates :p

Heard the rumour about USA being rolled out first, seems odd?!?!

26-11-2004, 08:00 PM
A friend of mine also has 250mb. Apparently they prioritise USA first, and depending on usage and when you signed up. I'm not entirely sure how it works though.

26-11-2004, 08:35 PM

26-11-2004, 09:46 PM
>(ie. i'm still on 2mb).

Same :( :|

Greg S
26-11-2004, 10:19 PM
> -------GMAIL-------

Yeah Gmail rocks. But I just heard today about Walla.


It looks interesting.

26-11-2004, 10:29 PM
Ooh, I should make a free 1GB e-mail service. That would rock :D.

And you would go on the theory that very little people would USE 1GB, the vast majority would only use a few MB. So a server with 8x 200GB hard drives should hande it quite nicely.

I'll call it JMail. Don't ask why.

I won't really make it though, of course. That would be called 'pointless'.

Cheers George

26-11-2004, 10:40 PM
> > -------GMAIL-------
> Yeah Gmail rocks. But I just heard today about
> Walla.
> http://www.walla.com/
> It looks interesting.

"Walla! stores and maintains contents of your account on its protected servers. This information is processed for various purposes, including formatting and displaying the information, backing up your account, adding hyperlinks to selected words"

Adding hyperlinks? Goodness me!

Walla! may analyze some of the data collected, such as registration information, e-mail usage patterns, the amount of storage you are using, and how frequently you use the Service.

Not too bad of course compared to:

"Walla! will provide you, at its discretion, with promotions, ads and other related commercial information."

Yay - Aren't ads fun

"Our automatic link creator highlights predetermined keywords within an e-mail."


"Should you choose to use the Service, you will not be given the opportunity to opt-out of receiving such information"

Arh - Even the spam I get can be opted out of.

"Personal information collected by Walla! may be transferred outside of your country, and stored and processed in Israel"

They're sending my personal imformation to Israel for processing?


Of course, I'm sure one could generate such a list about Gmail too, my beloved Gmail, so I shall now shut up.

Cheers George

27-11-2004, 03:21 PM
how do you know that other sites where you put your personal details / communicating with others are not sharing / looking at / storing your personal information ., just becuase they do not tell you doesnt mean they do not do it. Thats why im setting up my own email server ( call it paranioa if you want )