View Full Version : When Windows Messaging goes bad

31-07-2000, 09:37 PM
I recently bought a WinCE2.11 palmtop, and in order to sync with it I had to install Windows Messaging (which I chose not to install last time I re-installed Windows95). Ever since, my system has been behaving very strangely. If I push it too far (eg open too many IE5 windows), or even just leave it for 30 mins or so, I can hear the hard drive churning away like it's opening a program, but it just doesn't stop - it's like it gets stuck in a recursive loop to infinity. If I try to shut down, it comes up with all sorts of error messages (*), preventing me from doing so - I have to turn the computer off. When I turn it back on, scandisk finds hundreds of errors (all in the same directory*) - so many that I'm unable to click my way through them all (there's no 'fix-all' option), and have to exit scandisk.

Eventually I get to Windows, and everything's fine -until the churning starts again....

The bane of my existence is a coal-burning pentium166 with 16mb, running Win95.

(*sorry, I'll write back and provide specifics next time it happens - probably in about 30 mins)