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20-11-2004, 09:45 AM
Running XP SP2. and Microsoft Outlook 2003. Suddenly I have been denied access when clicking a link in email received. eg When trying to access a web page in mail received from Old Friends.co.nz I get the following msg in a box
"This operation has been cacelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator."
Any ideas on what I may have inadvertently done and how I can correct this please?
Thanks Smurf

Wayne H
20-11-2004, 10:00 AM
Try copying and pasting the link as Win XP SP 2 is protecting you from yourself from clicking links that come in emails.
short answer uninstall sp2. which if this is the only problem you have i would not recomend.

20-11-2004, 12:14 PM
Nothing to do with SP2. Try this its from the MS site

You receive an error message when you click a hyperlink in Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2003

Article ID : 310049

Last Review : September 30, 2004

Revision : 1.0

256986 Description of the Microsoft Windows Registry

When you click a hyperlink in Microsoft Outlook, you may receive the following error message:

This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.


After you upgrade to Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, the following registry key is either missing or corrupt:

HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Classes\htmlfile\shell \open\command


You may be able to resolve the issue by resetting Web settings in Internet Explorer. If that does not resolve the issue, import the registry key from another computer.

Reset Web Settings

1. Start Internet Explorer.
2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
3. Click the Programs tab, and then click the Reset Web Settings button.
4. Under Internet programs, verify that the correct e-mail program is selected.
5. Click to select the Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser check box.
6. Click Apply, and then click OK.

NOTE: You may receive the following message when Internet Explorer starts:
Internet Explorer is not currently your default browser. Would you like to make it your default browser?

If you receive the message, click Yes.
Export and Import the Registry Key from Another Computer
WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.
Export the Registry Key from Another Computer
1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
3. Locate the following registry key: HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Classes\htmlfile\shell \open\command

4. Click the command folder.
5. On the File or Registry menu (depending on your operating system), click Export.
6. Note the location of where the file will be saved. The registry file can be saved directly to the hard drive or floppy disk.
7. Type a unique file name, and then click Save.
8. Quit the Registry Editor.

Import the Registry Key
1. Copy the Exported registry key to the desktop on the problem computer.
2. Double-click the .reg file.

You receive the following message:
Are you sure you want to add the information in drive: location file was copied to\file name.reg to the registry?
3. Click Yes, and then click OK.

20-11-2004, 12:59 PM
Thank you for your help guys. Spacemannnz you offerred the solution and it worked. Thanks very much !

20-11-2004, 02:48 PM
No worries Smurf. HTH. :-)


23-02-2005, 04:32 AM
I have tried the IE fix three times and it doesn't fix the problem.
I don't have access to another computer to copy a reg key.

Can someone help me fix this so I don't go out of my mind?
Should I just uninstall, do the IE fix and reinstall? I'm running XP sp1.

Thanks! If you can help me, please email me. Microsoft is NO help...big surprise!

04-03-2005, 02:40 AM
I have same problem, tired the IE fix to no avail, anyone up at this ungodly hour thatcan send me the .reg file - project needed to finish by 10am to-day- desperate is to lightweight a word.

It only started tonaite aftera reboot would a system restore help?

04-03-2005, 03:00 AM
Just tried system restore to two days ago - problem gone away - the big fella in he sky must be onmy side tonite.