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18-11-2004, 07:55 PM
HI there: I am supporting a machine running XP home. K6-111 400 with 320MB of RAM. this machine has a Dynalink V1456VQH-R5 internal modem. This machine had been stable for a few months. Then I got a phone call along the lines of I can't dial out. Turns out that when I looked at the modems installed it stated that this modem was not present. Deleting the modem often resulted in the found hardware wizard which installed the modem and away we went..........until the next reboot..............modem not present. This is an ISA full modem, that is not a winmodem. The machine had been stable for a while until this week. The machine is completely up to date with it's MS patches and it's AV and is running Zone Alarm, Spybot and Adaware all of which are up to date.

I did wonder if the modem isn't replying fast enough when windows is starting up? This is the sort of behaviour one sees with an external modem that is powered off when the OS boots.

Any ideas?


18-11-2004, 10:38 PM
Is it showing a conflict in the Device manager?

18-11-2004, 11:10 PM
There are no apparent conflicts anywhere. Just the annoying statement that the installed modem is "not present" when I go to use it.

19-11-2004, 11:56 AM
I'm not really too sure. My initial thought was that it could be a conflict with another piece of hardware, possibly the soundcard. Other possibilities could be corrupt driver files, or that some program has started locking the com port before the modem gets to it. You could try a system restore back to a time when you know everything worked ok to rule out any driver or software conficts.
Hopefully someone here will know the answer and help you get it sorted.