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18-11-2004, 03:53 PM
I have been wanting to know this for a longtime and I dunno how to find the truth..

There are alot of traders selling mobile phones online.As far as Im aware of if the mobiles are genuine then there will be a warranty stickers on the charger,mobile and battery

For those they don't have the stickers.Its either modified or Fake fones.What i mean by fake is other parts of the same model built together to make a mobile

This has been a problem in hk where the shops trick u into thinking its genuine product.

My supplier told me that one way is to check the Ime no: written on the box and compare it with the mobile ime no and see if they match.if it doesn't then you will know its not a genuine Mobile

Also the Ime number of a mobile i believe is the guts of how the fone is product.
I think the ime number of a mobile tells you who the manufacturer was and probably how and when it is made

Does anybody know how i can decypher the ime number?

Graham L
18-11-2004, 05:54 PM
The IMEI is a unique number electronically stored into the phone. An IMEI number on a box is just a number on a printed label on the box. If it doesn't match the number of the unit inside it, that means that it's not the original box. :D

Batteries and chargers don't have IMEI numbers ... lithium batteries might have unique battery numbers stored in the internal control chip(depending on the battery manufacturer) but might not. I doubt if there's any way to say that a particular battery or charger "belongs" to a particular phone.

I don't know how to decode the IMEI number; an easy way to identify the manufacturer is to look at the front panel of the phone. ;-) I assume that each manufacturer would be allocated a number, and the rest of the digits would be used as each manufacturer wants to, as long as there's a unique number for each phone.