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30-07-2000, 11:25 AM
I recently had problems with a newish H.P.c.d. writer, during the lengthy(at my cost) phone help, the technician asked what make of discs I was using, and strongly inferred that the 'cheap' cdr's, and cdrw's, were a dead loss, and 'liable to lose all data on them, without warning, overnight.I thought over it afterwards, and thought that the cd should have no bearing on whether the hardware was faulty or not, but he made me wonder whether there is any truth to his allegations? I use cdrw's, as a back-up for largish photo images, which may never be needed again anyway, not in constant usage so the repeaet usage isn't important. are cheaper cdrw's really that inferior, for my purposes? do cheaper cdr's lose their data without warning? any advice? Carl Watson