View Full Version : Home networking of 2 pc's

13-11-2004, 01:41 PM
can anybody assist me, I am running 2 pc's both using xp home, I have connected them together with a cat 5 crossover cable, used the wizard and got the internet running from 1 to the other but no sign of file sharing is apparent. All the set up programs I look at seem to make my head spin, so if anyone can help me using laymans terms I would be grateful, I am not computer literate when it comes to manually configuring so I might need humouring

13-11-2004, 01:48 PM
DON'T use the wizard. If u want the networked pc to get on the net enable ICS on the main PC. This will give it

On the LAN under the networked one go into properties/TCP/IP and select use the following IP. Put in subnet
and default gateway and preferred DNS

Or u can enter in the DNS servers of your ISP in here.

Then create a folder on each and select sharing. Enable sharing.

DON'T share the whole hard drive. Then make sure simple file sharing is ticked on BOTH (under my computer / tools / folder options/view).