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12-11-2004, 05:31 PM
.. I have a new NEC laptop. It has Windows XP installed (plus SP2). It has a Smartlink 56K internal modem installed. My ISP is Paradise.

My problem is that everytime I want to go on line I have to uninstall my modem and reinstall, otherwise I get error message 678. I have tried reducing speed to 57800 and COM port settings on their own - this doesn't work.

I called Paradise - they said sometimes this modem has 'issues'.They gave me a extra initialisation command to try that worked only once and recommended the uninstall/reinstall.

I'm tired of doing this. The first week I had the computer it worked fine. I have two questions

1. Is my modem a dodgy one?
2. Will my modem work better if I change ISP?

12-11-2004, 05:44 PM
If it is still under warranty take it back tell the shop to replace it or the modem

Murray P
12-11-2004, 06:04 PM
Welcome to PF1 Sandra.

I Doubt it's your ISP, it's more likely an Operating System (OS) or DUN or port issue.

Is [url=http://www.modem-help.co.uk/chips/smlhamr.html]this your modem?

See what google says.

Murray P

Murray P
12-11-2004, 06:15 PM
Ok, haven't dealt with modems for a while, seems it could be your ISP :D but, tend to go with lines (is the problem happening from one or all locations?) or DUN handshaking or driver/OS issues as you need to re-install the thing.

A quick google came up with this; DUN Error 678 & 679 (http://www.modemsite.com/56k/duns678.asp)

& reload of the previous URL I duffed (http://www.modem-help.co.uk/chips/smlhamr.html)

Murray P

Murray P
12-11-2004, 06:17 PM
And more from our very own Xtra (http://www.xtra.co.nz/help/0,,6156-1384253,00.html).

Murray P