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08-11-2004, 08:44 PM
Hmm. My mother's got a K6-2 500 running windows XP (SP1), with 160MB ram, and for some reason (maybe it's just me, but I get the feeling there's something fishy going on) it's been running particularly slow for the last week or so. I popped around last night and removed no fewer than 12 viruses - I noticed a slight improvement in performance, but still it's not what it should be. I just installed Zonealarm and AVG, to stop these damned viruses getting in, but for some reason the 'System Idle Processes' is taking up around 90% of the system performance most of the time. Oh and I just ran Ad-Aware and there's no spyware running either.

This (http://a.1asphost.com/brazzin/asdlkfjsdf.gif) is a screenshot of the task manager.

Is this natural? Anyone had the same problem?

08-11-2004, 08:51 PM
Your mother's machine seems a bit on the low-end spec wise to be running WinXP. I would suggest downgrading to 2k or 98.

In terms of your task manager, mine does that sometimes and it doesn't seem to slow down the PC.

Murray P
08-11-2004, 09:25 PM
For a start run Hijackthis, LOGON.exe may be something you don't want. It's at the least an unnecessary startup item and at worst malware.

xcommsvr is a process for Bullguard or Bitdefender antivirus. If you still have bits left over from a previous AV installation there could be conflicts and slowdowns. If it was Bitdefender why use AVG in preference to it. I'ts pretty good if up to date as far as I know.

Realsched will also be taking up resources. It checks for Realplayer updates and no doubt serves ads and content. A grunt sucker with no purpose while your not using Realplayer and no benefit to you anyway. Try a Realplayer clone or version 8 after you have thoroughly cleaned the current version out.

Add another 256MB of RAM for winXP, especially if SP2 is installed, as it should be.

Cheers Murray P

08-11-2004, 10:11 PM
Ah. That's better. I can't find any info (ie. none at all) on the logon.exe program but odds are that it's some rather dodgy piece of work. As for Bitdefender, I found an old copy on the computer that had been on there since she upgraded... which was, of course, outdated and out of subscription. Rather pointless really.

Lo and behold, the computer is slightly (okay fine, somewhat) faster. Ta, Brian.

08-11-2004, 10:27 PM
Run SpyBot.

Logon.exe looks dodgy from a quick google.

Try turning off all the XP pretty's. go to Classic style might speed things up.