View Full Version : Reverting back to single OS boot - getting rid of GRUB

06-11-2004, 09:01 PM
Currently my PC is dual booting Linux Fedora Core 1 and Windows XP Home.

I now have a 2nd PC which I want to use as my Linux workstation. What I want to do is get rid of the GRUB boot loader on my Windows PC.

Is there anyway to do this, I don't want to re-install, as I have Doom3, COD incl United Offensive, Halo and Magic the gathering: Battlegrounds. I've mad heaps of progress in all the games and I don't want to delete them, even though I can copy the saved games elsewhere.

Does anyone have any advice?


06-11-2004, 09:08 PM
Sure do.

Boot off the Windows XP CD-ROM, and go into Recovery Console.

Type in 'fixmbr', and then 'fixboot'. This will restore the default Windows XP MBR and boot records.

HTH Cheers George

07-11-2004, 11:03 AM
Thanks for that George, it worked a charm.

Ok during this fix I discovered that the default password for the Administrator account is BLANK!!!!!

I'm like WTF. So anyways after some googling I discovered that the Administrator's account is only accessible in SAFE MODE, so I restart and try to get into safe mode but it doesn't work and my PC restarts.

Any ideas on what is going on?

System Specs:

P4 Prescott 2.8EGhz running @ 3.2Ghz
Radeon 9600XT
2 x 120GB SATA HDD
Windows XP Home SP2



Jen C
07-11-2004, 11:10 AM
Hi chiefnz

Were you tapping F8 as soon as POST had finished? This will normally bring up the boot menu so that you can access Safe Mode.

XP Home does have a hidden Admin account that only becomes visible in Safe Mode - bit of a security risk actually if someone wanted to bypass your passwords and gain Admin privilages.

07-11-2004, 11:28 AM
Yeah Jen I get the menu and all, the PC starts booting into SAFE MODE but then it stops and the machine restarts.

Puzzling to say the least.



Jen C
07-11-2004, 11:41 AM
Do you have Nero InCD installed? Apparently the older version in combination with XP SP2 will result in the problem you have of not being able to boot into Safe Mode and then the PC just restarrting.

Try unistalling Nero InCD and see if this helps if you have it. They have released an update to this program which resolves this issue - see here (http://www.nero.com/us/631981196828559.html).

07-11-2004, 12:40 PM
Thanks Jen, that's fixed it. I got into SAFE MODE and I've changed the default password.