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Pumpkin Eater
01-11-2004, 06:27 PM
can D/S be run from DOS on a Win ME PC? and how? i have a bit of experince with DOS.

I need to know so to fix a PC at a Drop-in-centre where WIN ME says defrag has not run for 400 days, refuses to run until disk errors are fixed. full disk scan and repair will take all day. just to run fro the first hour i had to put into safe mode then go to task manager as still stuff running. just left Explorer and Diskscan going. i then canceled because of time restrains.

if i can run diskscan from DOS i can make a boot disk with a scrip file to run diskscan.

The boss at the centre had somebody set up the PC to do it automaticly every Friday, nobody noticed that defrag was refusing to finish. the disk will prevent people shutting down diskscan in Windows.

can Defrag be called up from Dos? i do know defrag is a Windows depentant app.

if i can do everything by booting up with a flopppy it would be good.

I would have to go into their BIOS and set to boot from A, i had it to boot from C first as they always left a floppy in the drive when shutting down.

01-11-2004, 06:40 PM
Press F8 and select DOS prompt. Then type scandisk(c). I think ME has it there. Never used it. (ME).

I think DOS also has defrag , just type defrag. Or defrag in safe mode. Press F8 (hold F8 down), as soon as the system boots and select Safe mode.

I would say defrag doesnt work coz it usually stops @ 10% when youre in Windows. Coz things are running in the background.

And its better to defrag in safe mode..

Pumpkin Eater
01-11-2004, 06:49 PM
i understand F8 then picking dos rather than safe mode, but i want to do it without loading Windows at all. ensuring thta nothing is running in the back ground, and preventing people from shutting it down except by doingt a reboot without the floppy.

one guy plays solitare 24/7 if he had the chance

01-11-2004, 06:56 PM
Well thats why u have safe mode. Nothing is running in the background. It just loads whats needed to load Windows. So, you can use it. Thats why its better to defrag in Safe mode. Coz it wont stop.

And pressing F8 before Windows loads doesnt load Windows.

Well, to stop him playing I would put up a screensaver and put a password on it. That'll fix it. All u haveta do is remember the password!

Pumpkin Eater
01-11-2004, 07:21 PM
so what is safe mode? windows with few drivers, and screen saver disabled.

when i booted up in safe mode, diskscan still restarted 10 times before giving up, checking task manager, i found "Webshots" running, this is their screensaver, downloaded and unregerestered. it ran despite being in safe mode.

screen saver is a task in the back ground, pressing a key and entering a password will upset diskscan no end.

or am i mising something, how could i disable the keyboard if i need to press f8? is it safe to pull out the ps2 keyboard connector once in safe mode? easy to do what i want then with mouse.

i use pcs sometimes without mouse to prive it can be done. and that the zx spectrum had no mouse and still worked

Terry Porritt
01-11-2004, 07:28 PM
As far as I know scandisk cannot be run from dos in Win ME. This is just one reason why ME is so badly regarded, it is not possible to carry out disk repairs outside of windows....pathetic.

Defrag has never been able to run outside of Windows 9x/ME.

So I think you are forced to use Safe Mode.


01-11-2004, 07:42 PM
Well everything is disabled (programs, and usually devices u have inside the case) in safe mode (or should be). It can be used to fix problems.

BUT u can still uninstall SOME programs in safe mode.

Nothing SHOULD be running. BUT what's needed to load Windows.

Does it say safe mode on the desktop? If not, then you're not in safe mode.

Well no not a good idea to pull the PS2 out while the system is on. It could kill the PS2 port. The only way you're going to stop whoever from even getting into Windows, is to go to a shareware site and download some kinda security program, so u can lock the system. Or even better get 2000 or XP, so u can lock the system with a password.

Or even better uninstall Solitaire! I would say even tho Webshots is running (if u think it is in safe mode), it shouldnt make any diff. If youre in safe mode. Well windows can be used without a mouse. You just have to know what the shortcuts are.

Susan B
01-11-2004, 08:21 PM
> so what is safe mode? windows with few drivers, and screen saver disabled.

Check out the forum's FAQ section (link top right of this page) for FAQ #31 - What is safe mode? How do I restart in safe mode? which may be of some help in defining Safe Mode but not with running scandisk from DOS.

You might also want to check out FAQ #15 - Basic computer maintenance and FAQ #34 - Why does scandisk/defrag stop after only 10%?.

Pumpkin Eater
02-11-2004, 12:00 AM
Suzan, i do know what safe mode is, just i am dealing with a weird PC. it was in safe mode, as the screen lost most colours, and the word safe etc was in the corners. what surpised me was the Webshots screen saver was still running in safe mode. likely this is why Defrag has not finished for 400 plus days. There is a profestional maanger who set up automatic defrag 400 days ago and never checked to see it it did its thing.

I also do the maintence on a PC for a sheltered workshop, i started about 6 months ago, after calling in to tell them that thye were due fro their 25th bithday. the manager had been trying to find out. all i was doing was going into the verticl file at the library fro things and came acroos a newspaper clipping about hteir opening in 1980.

they have a number of donated WIN 95 pcs which their clinetsts have the run of, and they all work well. But the managers PC is in a bad way.

He has 60Gb HDD, and was using CD r/w like floppys, saving one doc at a time. his my ducumnets folder is only 2.5MB. he has Photoshop which he neevr used. he had a 4 way power point put in by an electriacain for it, rather than a surge surpresser multibox. he is in Owner all of the time, all of his staff use the same Owner, no passswords, yet he has confidenatials stuff. somebody is downloading games and screen savers and cursers nonstop.
5 months ago i found he has never udated his XP and did not have SP1. i found MSblaster (which SP1 is supposed to protect against) by insatlling AVG as his Norton was two years out of date, i tell him about Blaster, an dhe wants me to tell him who sent it to him so he can hassle them about their weak PC sercurtiy. then i put Spybot 1.2 on and found 200 items which i got rid off.

then i became unwell, being in Hospiatl with internal bleeding for a few weeks, an dAVG told him he has Sassor, which AVG did not fix, so he took the CPU unit to alocal shop and piad $130 fro them to remove it. last week i was there, i just had time to download off my USB card Spybot 1.3 but not insatlll it. I have already put XP SP1 on from the free MS disk, now auto updates won't work. i have to put SP 2 on still.

I can not make him uderstand the **** he is downloading is causing him problems, and seeting up othe rusers on hte pC rather than only having a Administer acount is a lot safer. he says he trusts his satff.

I did a serach fro JPG, a si do nbot trust some of the people he has there working fro him. but no Porn.

He has a woodworking shop at the back which is no longer used, one of his volenteers does use the machines, a saw benceh with no guard, and incorrectky set so as to throw timeber out ayt the operater. he seses no proble and his satff memebr did not put the guard back when his boss told himm too. OSH fined a local joinery $20,000 after twice telling htem to put the guard back on and being ignored.

This si a profestional maanger running a sheltered workshop from tax payer funding. (excsue my spelling i ma vey late.)

Susan B
02-11-2004, 08:22 AM
> Suzan, i do know what safe mode is, just i am dealing with a weird PC.

Sorry, I was not sure what your level of expertise was. It is difficult to tell sometimes.

> 5 months ago i found he has never udated his XP and did not have SP1. i found MSblaster (which SP1 is supposed to protect against) by insatlling AVG as his Norton was two years out of date, i tell him about Blaster, an dhe wants me to tell him who sent it to him so he can hassle them about their weak PC sercurtiy.


Now that's a classic. :D

Good luck, I hope you get it sorted. :-)

Graham L
02-11-2004, 12:59 PM
Safe mode does not turn off screen savers. The FAQ here tells you that. :D

Pumpkin Eater
02-11-2004, 05:03 PM
Graham, i think your reply post is half right? ready my comments below, Suzan thanks for your note.

4 hours to defrag, after giving up on diskscan, before starting, i checked my email then went to F1, and the system rebooted.

I think Windows screen savers do not run in Safe Mode, as my home ME PC (networked to a XP Pc) always has no problem in safe mode. But 3rd party screeen savers are not disabled in safe mode. as in "Web Shots" which i had to remove from the start up folder. task manager only showed Explorer as running then, yet i still had trouble.

configsys and i set to boot up in selictive mode, stopped everything i could think i could do with out, after that Defrag kept restarting saying some running in hte back ground, but eventuly finished.

I found during all of my exploring something i do not understand as i have neevr come across it. I wa sin control panel/system but not sure now just where i learn the following.

Drive C running in DOS compatibility mode.
asking for info, i got told there was a dos driver running somewhere.

Whta do i do to find out waht driver?

Somewhere last year, their manager removed the CD player and put in a Cd R/W, but cd drivers appear okay.

i suspect the mother board was replaced, as bios looks diffent, last year i set it to boot from C first as they always left a floppy in by mistake. when the BIOS writes to the screen it says 16Mb ram!!!!!!!!! but i checked and else where it says 128-MB. i enabled full ram test on boot up, and it looked like it checked ram 3-4 times but the numbers did go far higher than 16-Mb. maybe the bios checks 4 banks of ram seperatly, i do not know.

The pc is so sugglish, when i saw 16-Mb ram, i thought it proved the idea there was faulty ram chips, but ME will not run in 16-MB along with MS Word at the same time?

I ma not going there until Friday now, an dthen i have other things to do, Wednesday morning i am going to work on the sheltered workshop PC, i do not know where to satrt to sort that out, and i am only prpared to sapend a couple of hours, i had a hobby/business to run. All profits donated tot the cancer soicety as products from my hands (woden toys) as a bad case maanger at WINZ dcheated me 2 years ago, nad tried to stop me stciking up for my rights by accuisng me of not declaring my extra income. so next review i did not declare extra, an dshe took my extra away. i faxed her and had my money back within 2 hours,due to rounding off, etc i made a few cents extra per week. I reworked my books so my donations became a business expense. i asked her if she would enter negitive extra income onto hteir system, as i hoped it would amke up my losses. she had no sense of humour, and quit her job about htis time last year. leaving me with hush money and a letter from hte Minister in charge to me (rick barke) saying my money was not hush money but leagal entitlent. $33 per week.

02-11-2004, 05:50 PM
Umm if the mobo is pretty recent or a modern one cds dont need drivers - unless u use the cd in DOS (or hard drives for that matter (unless theres no option in the BIOS to select the cd/s , or hdd's where it says ide primary/secondary).

Or whatever IDE connection the cds / hard drive/s are on.

How old is this computer/motherboard??

The hdd shouldnt be in DOS compatibilty. Well normally a hdd isnt in DOS compatibilty mode.

Pumpkin Eater
02-11-2004, 07:55 PM
All i can say now, there is nobody at the centre who cna say what the head office maanger did when he put in the CD R/W, i od know thta on boot up, a window opens then minimises saying somethink like

iq packer writer and somethin to do with writing CD, more in the audio line rather than data. (Iq is a guess) i do not know what the dos compatibliy means, i suspect it could be a non FAT 32 drive, if it isa new mother nboard, pretty certain it is, then the hard drive was just moved over. i know there are temarure readings in BIOS, one for the CPU chip works, but hte sysetm fan and temp as in the power supply does not show. suggesting he stuck in a new mnther board, plugged verything in an dleft it. maybe the old mother board wa sno good for the CD R/W or maybe he damaged it.

there is some documnatation lying around about the mother board, this was not there a year ago. seems to have shown up since the CD R/W was put in. maybe he later came back and stuck in anew mother board, in ahope of correcting a error he made somewher when putting in the CD R/W

He id some work on another pC there, i will tell you about thta tomorow, shows how much he knows, maybe realted to this issue too.

Good night.

Pumpkin Eater
07-11-2004, 07:30 PM
I told the manager at the sheltered work shop it was a lot easier to formatt and reinstall his system than try an dpatch it. as i have got the MS update disk from Feb 2004.

I told him about things like key stroke loggers getting his bank PIN, he thought i was talking about some useful software so he said he had to ask his management first. i explined, he said he did not do banking on his PC, but what about his ISP aco**** i asked.

He is thinking about it. A betteer agument would ahve been to tell him he might be sending viruses out to everybody in his adress book. this is the guy, whom i udated his virus checker for the first time in 2 years an dfound a virus, when i told him he demanded to know who had sent it to him so he could hassle them about it.

07-11-2004, 08:41 PM
A guy like this manager really should not control a number of PC's!

Hard drive in DOS COMPATIBILITY MODE??? That means that instead of the normal Windows way, hard disk access is being contolled by some 16-bit DOS driver!

Try this (back up important stuff first). Open up config.sys and autoexec.bat (found in C:\) in notepad. Delete everything you find there.

See if that fixes the problem. If not, just format. Trust me, they need them. Install all available Service Packs and security updates, an up-to-date antivirus, etc. Then brief the guy on basic computer practises. It seems he is in dire need of such advice.


Pumpkin Eater
08-11-2004, 10:45 AM
Thank you George, i am thinking of giving up and getting out, even if i fix it, how long will is stay that way. he is a profestional maanger (i think) yet on his main office PC desk top there are icons for a number of downloaded games, and he has some fancy cursors.

He also has a woodworking shop for his clients but not used for years. On eof his volenteers uses it. the workshop was going to close inJune as not enough clients for funding, i called in to tell him they were due fro theri 25th birthday, he had been tring to find out. he offerd me use of the workshop if i agreed to go on the books, i checked saftey of his machines, told him he needed guards etc, he told his volener to do so, 6 months later, no guards i rung OSH. And i have my own workshop with miles betetr tools and machery.

Pumpkin Eater
08-11-2004, 10:54 AM
i frogot to mention, i saved the work shop by phoning hte local WINZ service centre manager who i knew wanted to refer people fro training.

I am a long term Invalid due in part to medical misadventure, a WINZ case manager cheated me out of money fro medical travel, 2 years later i got rid of her, I am still getting hush money, and i have a letter from CEO of WINZ saying it is not hush money, which his boss Hon Rick Barker wrote tos ay he agreed. all the bad staf at WINZ here ar gone, new management agreed with me. the WINZ CEO wil not tel his bosses or the ombudsmen the truth, (would prove he is incompetant) so my hush money keeps being rolled over.

I suffer fom depression, and have had a stay in mental hospital, the bad case maanger labeled me as dangerous, nad i am still trying to clrear my name, then giving up hush money and getting compensation.