View Full Version : Power options missing in WinXP SP2

28-10-2004, 09:29 PM
I have recently installed a SATA drive to increase my HDD capacity for VHS conversion to DivX. As well as solve other issues.

I have set up 4 partitions on the drive including the primary XP boot drive. On the two IDE HDDs I have a total of 5 partitions. I have a second OS (98SE) on the first partition of the master IDE drive.

Since these modications I am unable to set up XP Home to shut down automatically; I am forced to manually switch the PC off at the case's power button when I either shutdown or hibernate. The two boxes for selecting power options on the case power button & the Microsoft sleep button, in desktop properties>screen saver>monitor power, are completely missing!

I have not changed any hardware except for an internal modem since the mods (and the issue was there before the modem install and has been evident since my initial bootup after installing the video card's drivers.

WinXP Home
Lan Party NFII Ultra B mobo -latest bios
512mb DDR2700 RAM
Gigabyte ATi RV9000Pro video card running latest drivers & control panel
Liteon LDW-411s DVD writer
Asus E616 DVD Rom
1x WD 120GB SATA HDD (4 partitions)
1x WD 80GB IDE HDD (3 partitions)
1x Maxtor 40GB IDE HADD (2 partitions)
Lucent winmodem
Winfast TV2000XP TV tuner card

Power management has been enabled in bios

Would this be an issue with the video card? Drivers or the OS? Or both? Or other?