View Full Version : Need a power supply for Acer 512DX Laptop

26-10-2004, 10:08 AM
Sorry I know this isn't a buy/sell forum, but it's my last resort
I've been trying for a couple of weeks to find a power supply for an Acer 512DX Laptop with no success.
I've been keeping an eye on trade me but nothings come up yet.
Acer want a small fortune for one & I'm not sure if I can use a universal one with it (they are a sexpensive as hell too)
It's very important for sentimental reasons, I get this Lappy up & running for the family of the youngster that owned it.
Does anyone have one they would sell me or know where else I could try?

26-10-2004, 10:51 AM
Looks as if it uses a standard plug, and the rating is 15 - 17 volts.

Unsure of the current needed, but I would have thought that any standard laptop supply (which are ~17 - 18v) would work.

Toshiba were typically 17v.

26-10-2004, 10:59 AM
Thanks godfather,
The non working supply I have here reads like this on the label.

INPUT : 100-240V ~1.5A 50-60HZ
OUTPUT : 19V----3.2A

I have several other power supplies here but the connection points from supply to Lappy are different sizes.
I don't suppose there is an adapter of sorts that will reduce or enlarge the connection points is there.
I know the universal ones DSE sell have a range of plug sizes in the kits but our local store doesn't have any in stock & they are a wicked price for the whole kit

26-10-2004, 11:29 AM
Almost any laptop supply should work, most are 18v, which would be close enough.

The 3.2 amps is usually at the lower end now for laptops so as long as its at least that its OK, more amps is fine.

Are you saying that DSE do not have a plug that fits, that you could change? You could always do a plug and line socket job and use the old cord as an "extension" to supply the laptop?

And these are not cheap, as you say. They are a complex and highly efficient switch-mode power supply.