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25-10-2004, 07:40 AM
FAQ #09 - What services do Press F1 members offer?

This FAQ is a list of Press F1 users and what computer services they offer.

If you wish to include yourself on the list, add your name, location, services and contact email address. Please keep it brief and related to computers only.

Original FAQ available from here (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/thread.jsp?forum=1&thread=42140).

• metla
Brief description - all round champion, loved by all those that don't fear me. A bit like Hercules but with bigger muscles.


Always have special deals for Press F1's (when I say "always" I actually mean if I can I'll sharpen the pencil).
I believe I have the best prices in the Manawatu, Wanganui and Taranaki and it's always worth asking for a quote. Many times I can do better then what's listed on my website.

• antmannz
- Website design and management.
- Technical support.
- System administration.
- Database design.
- Training.
IT advice for small businesses a speciality.
editnz.com (http://www.editnz.com/)
Email: ant at the above address.

• Chilling_Silence
Out West Auckland ways...
Compaq/HP factory shop retailer
Linux CD's and assistance with.
PC Repairs
General Nice Guy ;-)
Chilling_Silence [at] orcon [dot] net [dot] nz

• chiefnz
South Auckland - 2 years of IT study abroad, 1 year @ AUT as well.
General PC repairs and upgrades, I build systems to customers specs, I source my parts from companies I know only.
Free service if job was a no-brainer. Generally charge 10% of total cost of new systems I have built. Repair/upgrade costs dependant on the job that was done.

• CYaBro
Anyone in Whangarei need any computer services, I'm always happy to try and help out with service/parts/builds etc.
chris at unicom dot co dot nz

• drcspy
if you are in around cambridge/hamilton/te-awamutu etc I will travel to you to fix your puter, or otherwise remove viruses, upgrade hardware/software etc etc............qualified, experienced tech......cheap and effective.

• Elephant
I provide PC services. I'm in Tokoroa and am prepared to travel generally in the South Waikato and have an initial consultation for which I don't charge. I build computers to spec after finding what the Customer wants.
tony.frew (AT) southwaikato (.) net (.) nz

• Greg S
Auckland's Eastern Block
Total Internet solutions by Managed Internet Solutions (http://www.mis.co.nz/)
Budget website hosting by HostNZ (http://www.hostnz.co.nz/)
Websites created, hosted and marketed specially for New Zealand florists by KiwiFlorists (http://www.kiwiflorists.co.nz/)

• george12
http://www.jgih.com, selling computers and parts, and software.
You'll find it more efficient to contact me by e-mail as only a fraction of products available are on the site, so g _ dewar at jgih dot com. Or sales at jgih dot com

• Growly
Computer support, technical support. I can build your computer for ya too...
At the moment I specialise in networking - be it between cities, companies, houses, or bedrooms.

• mikebartnz
Computers, parts, repairs
Programming using Delphi
and generally a helpfull guy
mikebartnz *at* quicksilver dot net dot nz

• mejobloggs
Website design and management for me.
email j. o. n. a. t .h o, n a @ wa tchd og net nz

• robsonde
I can do some parts for cheap and I can do one on one tutoring in wgtn.
robsonde at hotmail.com

• Rob99
Rob, Christchurch
New computers, upgrades, webdesign, tutoring, cleanouts.

• Spacemannz
Mt Eden, near the city
I have no shop, (I fix things at home), but deal with ppl who have / have had probs with their PC's / XP, most versions of Windows / networking. Fixing systems up. And build them. Since I have no transport, ppl have to come to me, with their cases.

• wintertide
In East Tamaki Auckland...
Work for a computer refurbishing company (The Ark)
Do the occasional techie job for people that ask (eg. PC repairs, rebuilds, tutoring, etc.)
daniel [at] arknet [dot] co [dot] nz

• kiwibeat
In wellington happy to fix or look at tweak anyones PC cheaply and guarantee that it will work more efficiently afterwards can visit at home if necessary can do backups as well

• Baldy
Dunedin here, but can courier all round the country....
I'm the signwriter guy. AND you can't sell a product or service without my high quality and VERY reasonable rates.
NB: I don't use a blinkin computer program for my signs, I use the old tried and trusty pot of paint and chisel brush!
big_baldy @ msn.com

• Eugenie
Check out www.orcon.net.nz - Best ISP in the country....but then, of course I'll say that ;-)

25-10-2004, 09:01 AM
Beama (CNA)

Network techie, works on a 500 Client WAN (and growing) responible for hardware maintance, client configuration (software and hardware), network admin and purchashing advice.
OS knowledge includes DOS, Win9x, ME (avoids when possible), NT (both workstation and server), Win2K, XP, Novell and some Linux.

Programming lanuages, VB6, Java (Script and lanuage), Pascal, Q Basic (lol couldn't resist that one)
Will help out friends and friends of when asked.
Christchurch area
contact beama_1 at hotmail dot com

25-10-2004, 09:17 AM
drcspy contact perry.shilton at xtra dot co.nz

25-10-2004, 05:55 PM
• stu120404
Auckland area
Website design and management
http://www.webstarters.co.nz (boss's website)
Contact stuartw77 [at] hotmail [dot] com

25-10-2004, 06:14 PM
Out West Auckland ways...
Linux CD's and assistance with.
PC Repairs
General Nice Guy ;-)
Chill [at] Dimension [dot] net [dot] nz