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24-10-2004, 11:46 PM
Okay you all will probably hate me again for speaking my mind... but i had some ideas for cyber cafe security. Is there any IT pros that are familar with this area?

I'll post it in the next page... this is just a small article i put together, probably there will be some people with more XP out there about securing ICafe's and i would love to hear from those people primarily, but i guess i will get other peoples opinions too, which is okay, as long as its not like insults. I understand you may disagree, thats fair enough, but argue the point and dont hit below the belt

thanks in advance

24-10-2004, 11:46 PM
Research Time: 32 Hours
Compilation Time: 30 Minutes
Cyber Café Safety V0.10
Provided by Creighton Brown
Draught 2004-10-24

Helping protect your privacy, your security and safeguard any data you have on the machine

You should opt for using computers that does –not- have normal access if you value your confidentiality.
It’s quite possible full access Cyber cafes my harbour Trojans, which can steal or monitor the information you put in and other problems such as viruses due to the lack of the security on such machine/s.

Ideally Cyber Cafes should implement restrictions such as the following:
1. Limitation of Activity which infringes the safety of the end use
This can be achieved by

1.1 Limiting Dangerous User Activity to Installation

1.1.1 Password protecting the computers BIOS so that alternative boots will not be allowed e.g. from floppy disk or otherwise e.g. USB Drive [In more recent computers]

1.1.2 Disabling Boot from Floppy disk Drives [If BIOS Allows]

1.1.3 Disable Boot options
Disabling Safe mode which circumvents installed software security

1.1.4 Running Cyber café restriction that prevents running dangerous files, settings, registry edits and other potential dangers

1.1.5 Disabling of ActiveX Controls [More astute troublemakers may try to install dangerous ActiveX which has the same effect as a virus or Trojan potentially]

1.2 Virus Scanning
Running either network virus scanning or virus scanning on each system unit

1.3 Firewalling
Fire walling the system to help reduce the abilities of Trojans or other nasties to do damage as another safety mechanism

1.4 Content Filtering
Filtering content so sites that are inappropriate are blocked such as ones which are security risks, contain viruses, or inappropriate material for public display [Pornography, intolerable violence or other inappropriate content]

In terms of outside the computer it is also important to keep an eye on your valuables and ideally not leave them unattended and safeguard any usernames, passwords, credit card details or any other material which is value to you.

Various places may also elect for video monitoring, or monitoring internet activity so in cases of abuse that it can be dealt with appropriately. These measures are for your own protection to safeguard you from potential problems.

Final note: no security if 100%, just like a bank takes precautions though, for your safety you should take precautions to

25-10-2004, 02:27 AM
Add re-imaging of all machines each night to a "clean" state?

25-10-2004, 02:40 AM
Excellent idea :-) i actually thought of that but i was wondering regarding cost etc. Would you Say via Ghost or do you know a better way? Do you know a way to automatically reimage without intervention? e.g. scheduled task?

25-10-2004, 09:13 AM
Something like TinaSoft's Easy Cafe, WinGuard Pro, and one or two other similar little apps will go a long way to preventing your customers from doing anything nasty.

Anti-Virus software is always a must, as is password protection for system-tray applications (So that AV cannot be disabled).