View Full Version : faulty hard-drive

23-07-2000, 09:04 PM
I installed a 420MB hard drive as slave (to a 1.8G) a few weeks ago. Then a few days when I booted up, an Active desktop component referenced to that hard drive brought up a script error. I checked the file, and at the end it was all random/nonsensical characters. Email, also stored on that hard drive, wouldn't open, and later I found a whole heap of directories renamed to like Dir00001, not to mentioned the new files File0001.
I rebooted the computer after Scandisk froze the computer, and everything worked good. But then just yesterday the Active Desktop component was 'action cancelled' or something similar. Attempting to open D: returned 'D:\ is not accessible. A device attached to the system is not functioning.' Again, a reboot fixed it.

I split the power for the drive off the CD supply, which in turn had been split to also service the floppy. Is that anything to do with it?
What's happening/wrong?

Win 95, 3yrs old