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effie C
15-10-2004, 09:29 AM
Hi ,
some time ago I have had voice contact with the U K and certainly within N.Z.- we had echos, etc., but quite usuable.
Over the last few months that ability has gone from MSN - and all tests show nothing wrong.
Though I have had no criticsim of SP 2, in any way,- could that have affected it?-- although I wonder if I have answered my own question and tha msn was faulty before that.
Smithie 38 and I then re installed Yahoo- which we had used long long ago, and set up it's voice ability, on Yahoo Messenger-- and it worked, albeit also intermitantly as with MSN previously- but a full conversation was held anyway.
What have MSN done to stop 'voice'- we can tap on the microphone and it is received ( it was suggested we use morse code :-) ) have we got a 'voice setting ' wrongly set, in the msn version - if so, where would we look for the adjustment?
In Yahoo, the voice is/was clearer than any previous connection, but as most people wil find, Yahoo is intrusive and at best uses a lot of h/d space- and as such I would very tempted to, not uninstall, but switch it off anyway, and use it specifically for it's own attributes.
effie c

15-10-2004, 10:12 AM
Is SP2's firewall ON or OFF?

Or are you using another firewall, besides XP's??

Altho whether XP's firewall is on or off, it still seems to add ports anyway!

The echo I would say would be under the Sounds in XP (under recording or playback, I think you have to MUTE mic on under recording. That SHOULD stop the echo... If that doesnt stop the echo MUTE mic under playback. And test yourself using sound recorder, to see if the echo goes.

effie C
15-10-2004, 12:36 PM
Hi Spacemannz-- see my inadvertant double post - I tried switching off the XP firewall and it made no difference with MSN - though I did not try it with Yahoo( which did come throug and all tests proving everything waas working -
effie c