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14-10-2004, 01:21 PM
i have no idea how else to ask all people this question, i am asking staff i work with, but need other feedback on this so if you would please read this, and help if possible.
(kindy, childcare age only)

I have a assignment in the go at moment based around,

: a job advertised in Early childhood situation and a Male teacher with current qualifications has applied and been interveiwed. seems a possibility to employ, But someone says "should we employ a male teacher?" this is for a 6mnth - 5yr old childcare centre.

what are your thoughts?

ethically speaking?
legaly speaking?
personal preferences?
role models?
Why is it bad?
Why is it good?

currently the percentage of male teachers in the early childhood sector is 2% while females is 98%.
majority of teachers being in auckland, wellington and canterbury.

Education to all is a right, does having a male teacher change things?

apologies to those who hate OT posts, but as i cannot email a great hoard of people, thought at least someone may post back for me.


15-10-2004, 09:33 PM
Locking this because of the offensive trash a few of yopu posted. Some of you need think about what you are posting and where you are posting it. Read the damn rules. My apologies to all who made sensible posts but in the end I felt compelled to remove the whole lot because of few nasty pieces.