View Full Version : modems pci vs isa

15-07-2000, 12:16 AM
I bought a new pc two weeks ago,PIII 667, 128 MB ram, 20 G HD, all the bells and whistles (Win98)and it came with a 56k PCI modem. My previous PC was a P75, 850 Meg HD and the original Win95. No patches or bug fixes, nothing. But I had very recently bought a 56k ISA modem. Now this one apparently ran at maximum speed. When I went to status, connected at, it always said 115200. Downloading was a breeze, Never a problem which is good as we live out in the sticks. I always used PPBoost though. Now with the PCI modem I'm getting disconnected, no answer, slow connections and poor downloads. If I am just looking around I am getting a lot of over-runs so to speak. I am sending back over 50% more than I am receiving. My new Motherboard does have one ISA slot so I am wondering if I should go back to my old modem. It's a Dynalink and in the two months I used it there wasn't one problem. I don't want to have to resort to unplugging phones and generally shagging around everytime I go online. Does any one have any suggestions? It would be appreciated.