View Full Version : Sorry saga involving MS Backup

14-07-2000, 02:48 PM
OK, so I knew I was asking for trouble when I decided to rely on a Microsoft product to backup and restore my entire C drive, but I had to repartition to set up a dual-boot Linux system. I read the MS Backup instructions, made a backup of all my Windows
and application files (all my data is elsewhere, thankfully), and saved it onto the second hard drive which wouldn't be affected by the repartitioning. Then I made a couple of minor
changes and updated the backup with the 'new or changed files' option. It reported 15 files had changed. Then I repartitioned, formatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows.

Now for the funny bit - when I attempt to restore the backup, it restores those 15 files (which includes the registry), and it perfectly reproduces the *directory structure* of the C drive ... but none of the other *files*. Nearly all the directories are empty. It only reports restoring those 15 files, as opposed to the
12,000+ that went in there.

I know those files must still be *there* in the backup file because it's around 700Mb in size (the total contents of the C drive now adds up to less than 200Mb). The question is, how do I get them out?

Any suggestions appreciated, although I suspect the solution is going to be abandoning this dual-boot idea and just installing Linux.