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28-09-2004, 09:20 AM
I have an OLD compaq armarda 1550T Laptop that I have started to reformat the hard drive on and am reinstalling windows 98 onto. I have reformatted the hard drive, and reinstalled windows, i am now however faced with a bit of a problem. The laptop will not start up in anything other than safe mode now. This seems to occur after the second reboot on reloading windows when the machine was searching for hardware, plug and play and those things.

Any ideas ?

28-09-2004, 09:38 AM
You could try and see if there's a BIOS update for it, depending on how old it is. A more recent BIOS update does help with some old computers, on how it detects hardware.

How old is old??

Peter H
28-09-2004, 09:43 AM
Probally missing the Motherboard drivers.

28-09-2004, 09:52 AM
Old is a Pentium One not grunty enough to load anything above over win. 98.

As for BIOS I have thought about looking there but cannot work out how to access it from the start. I know that on most PC's F2 or F11 or del gets you into the BIOS setup but none of them seem to work and there is no message displayed on start up giving any further clues. The only screen I can get gives me options such as "start in safe mode" "normal mode (which then returns to the same mode and no further)" and other similar options.

28-09-2004, 09:57 AM
It could also be the delete key or F10. It's usually an F key with Compaq.

I would try pressing every other function key, to see which one lets u in the BIOS.

28-09-2004, 12:19 PM
Some of those old Compaq laptops had a "software" BIOS. You needed to boot the lappy with a BIOS floppy in order to access it.

Have you checked around the Compaq/HP site to look for your specs??

28-09-2004, 12:52 PM
ESC may be another key that willl get you into the bios, it is for my toshiba laptop