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25-09-2004, 07:49 PM
We have been looking at this camera. It has a host of amazing features (to us !). Probably ho - hum to a lot of you. The features are shown in great detail on this link


It says about batteries (and have seen godfather's comments re this - though am not sure about relationships in this instance - got them stored in AZZ Cardfile)

>>>Even power is an area of choice with the Optio S40. Indeed not only is it compatible with commonly available CR-V3 and AA batteries (alkaline, lithium, nickel hydride), there’s also an AC adapter available as an option.>

The four things am not sure about are
* most importantly, how fast when you press down is the reaction time to when the photo is taken ?

* They do not comment much on the video aspect. Is this because there are not many variables ?

* How good are E-top to deal with (camera and camera also have good deal)

* re the batteries alluded to above ?

Misty :|

25-09-2004, 08:47 PM
Misty, that camera looks excellent. The specs are impressive.

I can't advise about your first questions, but as to batteries, the AA NiMH rechargeables are excellent. Thats the way to go.

After using three digi camera's with the AA's I can confirm that.

Be sure to get the best/highest mAh batteries, like 2000 or 2300 mAh, and especially a good charger. That is important. Some are good and some are not so good. I'd be happy to advise you if you wish.

Billy T
25-09-2004, 08:52 PM
It is a parallel import Misty, so if you have the choice of a locally backed product from Camera & Camera with little difference in price I'd take the local version.

The camera looks OK, and the features are good for the price but it is still a snap-it camera for most users as they will never plumb the depths of its technical capabilities. I used to be a keen amateur photographer before the kids came along and have a good Pentax SLR with all the trimmings, but I mainly use a 6MP digital now (I won't mention the brand to avoid confusing you).

It has an even bigger list of features than the Pentax and I am having difficulty getting acquainted with everything it can do. The reality is that photo opportunities tend to pop up fairly quickly and I don't have time to fiddle with several different settings so most of the time I use in in "snap it Harry" mode.

Unless you intend to take your photography seriously, the Optio will do pretty much everything you need without getting into the finer details, but if you do get serious, be prepared for an extended learning curve and lots of practice.


Billy 8-{)

25-09-2004, 09:52 PM
Just be aware there is a new model called the S 40 i . I understand it has a larger viewing screen. I have heard that the biggest problem with them is the lens expansion when turned on - they are fairly light in construction and are subject to damage or distortion.

25-09-2004, 11:10 PM
> how fast when you press down is the reaction time to when the photo is taken ?

The lag varies by model of camera. You need to try it to find out

More importantly it is affected by the ability to autofocus. In poor light condition there can be a lag while it hunts for focus in some cameras. Therefore there may not be hard and fast figures. Its a variable.

If its an issue for a particular shot, I go to manual focus. Not all cameras support that though.

If you want to see the effect a parallel import product can have, look for beetle's thread on the failure of a camera and prolonged repair issues.

26-09-2004, 11:31 AM
Haha no one is ever going to forget that thread are they????

in my short learning of digital camera shots, prefocus is often the best way to go, and being prepared for a shot helps, continuous auto focus is good, but the lag is and will always be there, just if you learn to live with it and work to its capabilities you still get some magnificent shots.

but for a fast sports or action shot, sometimes disappointment is expected, experience will show you in the long run the best way to use the camera in this instance, and lots of use will be the learning curve to guide you.

you learn to work within the cameras ability, and yours.

doesnt matter what camera you get, get what you understand, what features you know you need, and just use it! nothing beats experience.

and yeah sometimes things go wrong, local is best and ya can be constantly on their doorstep,

but nothing will go wrong, its a beetle trait.

hope you sort it out, best of luck and happy shooting.


02-10-2004, 05:03 PM
Well we have bought a digital camera - in the end deciding on a Canon Powershot A75.

An incredibly detailed and thorough review is here

Review (http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/canon/powershot_a75-review/index.shtml)

Decision made much easier by your comments and advice -

Juicytree - your comment about light construction was the key one in swaying us as we did not want the worry .

Billy T and godfather - took seriously your point re parallel imports and kept to mainstream which actually gave an excellent deal !!

Godfather - your comment re manual focus. Not certain yet about that but do have manual control aperture and shutter speed

Bazza and godfather - got 2300 mAh batteries and hopefully a good charger !

We got an excellent price from Camera House

Camera $499
128 Mg of extra $60 !!!!!
Free bag !!
Charger and four 2300 mAh $40

Very pleased !!!

By the way found an excellent site to do direct comparisons of up to any three cameras of your choice - so we compared the Pentax Optio S40 and the Canon Powershot A75.

Compare (http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/compare.php)

Thanks again (chaps and chapesses ?)
Misty :D :D :D

02-10-2004, 06:09 PM
I bought a pentax Optio s40 a week ago and am delighted with it. The onboard 11mb of memory gives me 44 pictures at a resolution of 1024 which is all I need for full screen pictures and postcard size prints. Each picture is just under 300kb at the default quality setting and takes about 20 seconds to upload to digitalmax for printing at 128 mb. You can purchase this camera for $419 at Etop http://www.pricespy.co.nz/pno_3885.html
and can purchase a 128mb SD card for $30 from SupercheapPC
With the 128mb card installed I get 414 pictures.
I find that the shutter speed is a bit slow as you find yourself waiting for the green LED in the viewfinder to start flashing indicating that the lens is in focus, but apart from this the camera is magic.
I am certainly happy with mine.

02-10-2004, 09:09 PM
Hi Augustus
I am very pleased for you. It is a very good camera and I am sure that you will be safer from dropping it than Mrs Misty and I. ;)

Looks like we are both happy. A good result !!
Misty :D

03-10-2004, 10:45 PM
I've been worried about you Augustus. It was nice you gave us your opinion of that camera.

It is an excellent 4 mp camera, with five resolutions

But you have choosen to use almost the worst resolution & the greatest compression. Sure, you can get 414 pics on a card, but do you really need to do that?

Sorry, I'm not critistising, but hopefully offering some advice.

After experience with three digi cameras, and learning from this & other forums, it is best to always use the highest resolution, at the best compression quality.

The reason is that, you'll never know if sometime, somewhere, you will get a marvellous shot, that you will want to crop & print much larger. Say A4 8 x 10" The settings you use will be hopeless for print quality for that.

I accept as you say the 1024 is OK for images on screen & for postcard prints.

But consider, the 1024 x 768 you use = 0.786 mp

But hey, you have a 4 mp camera. Why not use it, or as others say, sell it & get a very cheaper 1mp camera.

ok, enuff of that..Augustus, take a look at the camera manual..It will tell you all about resolutions & compression.

You've told us that memory cards are cheap, so get some more, and take pics at the highest resolution & quality.

Concerning your camera, the highest resolution is 2304 x 1728 = 3.98mp
Best to use this or the: 2048 x 1536 = 3.1 mp.

As far as the "Quality settings" They are stated as,


What that really means is:

not so bad

So Augustus, why not choose 4 mp or 3 mp @ best quality to get the best images your camera is capable of. ?