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18-09-2004, 09:47 PM
Does anyone know of a website to walk people through antivirus, anti spyware & firewall setups etc????
I am asking because my wife is getting a bit of spam and weird email from (I guess) someone with her email address in their address book.
Most of these people are not to computer savy so have no idea about updating antivirus progs etc let alone anything else such as ditching IE/OE for something (anything) better.
I know it is not us as well are 100% Linux and behind a hardware firewall.

18-09-2004, 10:25 PM
Most programs come with help / a manual to show u how to configure a firewall/ AV and anti spyware software. Not all programs would have the same settings / configurations.

Most weird emails from people u have in your address book would usually be something like a worm , (that spoofs email addresses) that may originate from someone u know.

BUT they havent noticed, when they've opened an email usually with an attachment, which runs a worm.

The best thing to do, is install an anti virus program that scans emails, and one that is kept up to date. Or if your ISP provides virus emaling use it.

Murray P
19-09-2004, 01:08 AM
PF1 FAQ's (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/faq.jsp?forum=1) numbers: 15, 16, 18, 19 & 46 for a start.

Basic Security for the Home & Small Office[/b]

[url=http://www.wilders.org/index.htm]Wilders Security (http://basicsec.org/toc.html)

Those should get you going. I'm trying to find a really good article I read, written by a computer security specialist, for the average to middling user. If I manage to dig it up I'll post it here.

Cheers Murray P

22-09-2004, 09:25 PM
Thanks for the replies.