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17-09-2004, 05:59 PM
I have got a major headache on networking, my desktop is running windows xp , I have installed a network pci card, connected a crossover cable. On my desktop running xp home I view my network places and it shows me a local area connection, if I right click this and go to properties i can then get into the ip addresses and change them to whatever I want them to be. I am also running norton internet security on my desktop so the firewall could cause a problem.
My laptop also running xp home is a different case, when I go to view network connections i see an internet gateway, and then an area called network bridge, consisting of local area connection, network bridge and 1394 connection, I would be so pleased if somebody can assist me in setting this network into action as it is increasingly frustrating.

17-09-2004, 06:08 PM
Set the IP's static, one as:
Gateway = Blank
DNS = Auto Assigned

On the other, set the IP as:

Give that a shot :-)

Otherwise, read the FAQ ;-)


17-09-2004, 06:11 PM
Didnt u ask this the other day? If you have internet Security (dont know what version u have), BUT 2003 you click on the globe on the taskbar.

Then go to Personal Firewall / Home Networking. Down the bottom (if there's nothing there now), click on Wizard, then Next. It should add something like under this it SHOULD put something in like
Mask (If you have more than 1 PC, with Internet Security installed on it. DO THE ABOVE on them also).

That'll fix the firewall up. If XP's firewall is ON. Disable it. You dont need it if Internet Secutiry is running. Dont worry about the 1394 connection.

Thats a firewire card / connection. DON'T bridge it. It'll most probably screw the connection completely.

Make sure the workgroups are the same and the ip addresses under the LAN icons are entered manually (Use the following ip) and under the networked (NOT the main PC) enter for the network mask, and under this and also for preferred DNS server.

Thats it