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17-09-2004, 07:18 AM
I had a peculiar problem and was going to post a question here about it, but then stumbled on the answer. However since then I have found that it has happened to others.

To explain:

The QUICKLAUNCH (QL) section of the TASKBAR has a small dotted divider before and after the QL ICONS. The left one is immoveable but the right hand one can be shifted to adjust the size.

Some time ago while adjusting the second divider on my computer, I must have jerked the mouse. Suddenly the Taskbar height doubled and another divider appeared under the first one. Like the upper one this is immovable even though a double headed arrow appears when the mouse pointer is put on it.

This means I was stuck with a double height taskbar and nothing I tried would cure it.

Turning off the QL Toolbar still left a double height taskbar, but fortunately I had set a System Restore point the day before and reverting to this cured the problem.

Yesterday I was helping a friend set up her brand new COMPAQ PC and moving data from her old computer to the new one. After several hours I was almost finished when the same thing happened again. Sadly this time the only restore point available would loose me 3 hours of work.

Later I rang another local colleague and he told me that he has had this happen to him. In his case he found that by increasing the height of the taskbar to 3 or 4 times normal size, and fiddling, he was able to correct it but wasnít sure how he had done it.

I returned to my friendís place and tried this but with no success, so the following day I set a Restore Point and started playing around on my computer and after 20 minutes I stumbled on the answer.

If you want to try this, set a restore point first just in case but I have duplicated this several times now and cured the problem on my friends computer.

Take the right divider (after the QL) icons and drag it to the right then down and it should do what I described and becoming immovable below the left divider.

Now drag the top of the taskbar to about 4 times normal size.

Look closely at the left divider. This will be long and then under it is a small gap, then the divider continues below it.

Click on the lower single height divider and drag it vertically up and down a few times.

When I did this, I found the QL icons rearranged themselves than suddenly vanished and at that point I was able to re-size the taskbar to normal.

The QL Icons were still gone and in the Taskbar properties the QL Toolbar were still ticked.

Un-tick it and Tick it again and the icons all return. Re-size the QL Toolbar and all is normal.

I hope that this may just help someone else.

Jen C
17-09-2004, 10:51 AM
I have seen the most bizzare arrangements of the taskbars before on other people's computers. The problem is that the taskbar isn't locked by default on XP, so that it is very easy to click and slip with the mouse and turn the taskbar into a work of art :D.

As you have discovered when you have this situation, you have to move each section of the taskbar in a certain order and position including from left to the far right. Someone posted on PF1 awhile ago with the same situation, and after seeing the screenshot of their taskbar, it was just a matter of giving instructions in the right order to return normality in less than a minute. It is just a matter of experimenting with it.