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13-09-2004, 10:04 PM
Has anyone beaten this frustrating error message?

I want to install XP SP2 and am trying to do a back up first. I have tried various trial back up programs but get stalled every time. The Windows XP Back Up apparently won't let you save to removable media and although I have 2 x 40 gig hard disks I do not have enough room on either for a full system backup. So I am using blank DVDs.

I have most recently installed a trial version of Acronis True Image 8 but when it prompts for a drive to save the back up image file to when I select my DVD drive (with a brand new DVD in it) I get the message "D:/is not accessible. Incorrect function"

There is nothing wrong with the DVD drive as far as I know as it plays commercial DVD without problem and will burn using some DVD making software I have. I am using a DVD-R disk but I have tried with -RW and I think also +R. All to know avail.

When I look at the Properties of the drive with the blank disk inserted it says the file system is "RAW". I am wondering if I need to format the DVD disk in some way.

Anyone out there got the answer or any suggestions?


Jen C
13-09-2004, 10:13 PM
Hi and Welcome to PressF1 :)

Does this trial version actually let you create images? Most trial versions of these sorts of software only let you see what it looks like and the user interface, whilst not being actually able to perform any backups.

13-09-2004, 10:25 PM

14-09-2004, 09:21 AM
If you're using XP's built-in burning, it doesnt support formatting of CD's and it doesnt support DVD's at all, as far as I know.

You need either DirectCD/part of CD Creator, INCD/part of Nero, or this
which is free BUT about 20 something mb.


That error can also happen, if you already have something like DirectCD installed. And try and burn. If this is the case, turn XP's burning off here.

Control Panel / Admin Tools/ Services / Imapi CD Burning - Under General
startup type - disable it.

14-09-2004, 04:09 PM
10.2MB to be precise ;).

Big John
14-09-2004, 04:20 PM
Just a question but does your drive support writing?

Some guys at work think just because their PC's can read DVD's they should be able to write to them as well.

Another thing is that although most backup programs in demo mode will allow you to back things up they very rarely allow you to restore unless you purchase the program.

14-09-2004, 11:53 PM
Thanks for your question. Yes my drive allows recording, in both +R/RW and -R/RW, and I have previously successfully burnt DVDs and VCDs.

As I understand it, the trial version of Acronis True Image is fully functional for the 15-day trial period so during that time I could, if necessary, restore. But I guess purchasing the software is best.

I think I might have resolved this issue (see replies to others above)

15-09-2004, 12:08 AM
Hi, nice to be here!

Yes, this back up program, generously perhaps, appears to be fully functional and I have now managed to do a complete 6 GB back up of my C: drive (onto my second hard disk - I found some room).

I found a solution of sorts to the D:/is not accessible. Incorrect function problem by selecting the drive, clicking Properties, and on the Recording tab checking the box alongside "Enable CD recording on this drive".

With the drive finally recognised however, I then ran into another problem in that although brand new DVDs were in the drive the Acronis software ejected the disks telling me they were full (but also said it may be to do with poor quality media - they were Mitsubushi!).

Then I gave up and saved the back up to my other hard disk and installed the XP Service Pack 2 without a hitch.

Maybe I have not fully resolved the problem but at least I have achieved what I wanted, ie XPSP2 installation. :-)

Has anyone else had the Acronis program falsely report full disks?

Thanks for you help.

15-09-2004, 12:10 AM
Thanks Godfather. I found this myself a couple of days ago but nothing mentioned there helps as I have none of the software mentioned installed.

15-09-2004, 04:27 AM
> Has anyone else had the Acronis program falsely
> report full disks?

It may be an XP issue, I have had the same thing on my XP Home system. I put a blank CD in my CD RW drive and 'My Computer' and 'Explorer' both show the disk as full! I don't have Adaptec software on my system, never did, I have Sonic. After formating the disk it is shown as mostly empty. Vince

15-09-2004, 04:31 AM
I should have said that I got the "Drive not acessible" message too, before formating. Vince