View Full Version : Photoshop: resizing scanned text, printed blocky

03-09-2004, 07:41 PM

I scanned some pages 2 pages slightly larger than A4 and wanted to put them together and be printed out.

I scanned each page at 300dpi, each file was about 20MB. I used PS to stitched them together and resize them down by not resampling, I previewed page/print preview options and it fitted to an A4 page, I did not use fit to page.

I used 600dpi off my b/w HP laserjet.

When it was printed it, the text was noticeably blocky, the pictures were fine thou. What can I do?

03-09-2004, 09:05 PM
What did u save the pics as?? 20mb sounds a bit big...

You could try an OCR program like Omnipage Pro if u have it.

I think they scan pics and text together. Might be a bit clearer when it prints too.

03-09-2004, 10:36 PM
hi, i don't have OCR software.
I saved the pictures as TIF 24 bit color, 300x300 dpi.

I have tried another two things and its been the same.
1. I read one of my books and enabled resampling. The author mentions digicam does not need it but scanning does. I printed, made no difference. This was resized to 11x7" held at 300dpi, the print was the same ....

2. I did same as the above and changed my printer to 300dpi, same thing.

Before, the two pages when stitched together and cropped a bit was like 16x10 inch at 300dpi. When resampling was off, resized became 11x7" 439dpi. When I tried resampling on it was 11x7" by 300dpi.

I did print something a few days ago, the same 2 pages, I printed them without altering the image size, they were v clear. They were 150 dpi but it was a bit small than I need so I upsized it, I got the same result as the above. Now, I thought why don't I scan them 300dpi instead and downsize a bit to fit the A4 page (both pages shrinked from 2 pages), I am just getting the above issues. I never printed anything from PS before, all I have done is edited the pix and took photo to lab to be printed out. But considering this time is just a page off a book, naturally I just want to do a quick job off the home printer.

04-09-2004, 12:36 PM
I just printed the two pages double sided instead.

I did some testing and its strange. If I sized it as I have before and printed a small cropped section out it was v readable. Then I tried to do the same thing but did not crop and allow the thing to be fitted onto one A4 snuggly it came out all blocky again.

Puzzles me. I tried resampling on and off - made no difference. I tried other resampling techniques, bicubic, billinear, nears neighbour - made no difference ....

All i am trying to do is reduce 2 pages into 1 and be printed... Maybe this halving factor is too harsh? But hey, the small cropped section printed fine when it was reduced to that size ... dunno..

04-09-2004, 12:44 PM
Its bizarre ... my digicam works fine when reduced dramatically. I printed the photo full dimensions (uncropped). The natural size for the digicam is A4 by 300dpi, I resampled to 300dpi to 6x4" approx and printed. No issues at all ..