View Full Version : Desktop Icon Placement

06-07-2000, 11:51 PM
Following a rather horrific PC crash (and burn) I reloaded Windows 98 SE.
I run a dual monitor setup with the primary screen (run off an AGP card) to the right, and the secondary monitor (run off a PCI card) to the left.

My problem is that if I arrange all the desktop icons to sit on the secondary monitor ( to the left), when I reboot the PC all the icons end up rearranged back on the primary monitor (to the right) and the icons are arranged in such a fashion that there are two columns of icons on the left of the primary monitor and one column to the right of the primary monitor.

Previous to the reinstallation, I have had the desktop working quite nicely the way I want it. The only difference is that the reinstallation was done from a different Win98SE CD (I went and bought my own copy) and was installed from the CD rather than from the cabinet files placed on the hard drive.
During reinstallation, the Hard Drive was FDISKed and Formatted (Fat32) - this was no different to how Windows was installed on this computer on other occasions.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Geoff.