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30-08-2004, 05:34 PM
FAQ #52 - Shortcut arrows not removable with TweakUI

Originally written by Terry Porritt

This problem occurs with Windows 98 after installing a Microsoft Security Update released in March 2002.

The symptoms are: shortcut arrows to the desktop icons cannot be removed using TweakUI after installing the security update, or, if they had been previously removed, they re-appear and cannot be removed again with TweakUI.

The security update replaces the system file, shell32.dll, with a later version. This file in addition to various other functions contains icons, including the shortcut arrow overlay, index number 29 in shell32.dll.

Method One:

Normal functioning of TweakUI can be restored by replacing the new shell32.dll file with the original file from the Windows installation CD, (or from your hard drive if you have copied the setup files there).

To do this use System File Checker to extract shell32.dll from the CD, and to place it in your System folder, here's how.

From the Start button select Run and type sfc in the box, click OK.

Check the "Extract one file from installation disk" radio button, type in the file name shell32.dll, and click Start.

In the "Restore from" box type D:\win98, where 'D' is your CD drive letter. By default the "Save file in" box should already say C:\windows\system, click OK.

You are given the opportunity to back up the existing shell32.dll file to C:\windows\helpdesk\sfc, click OK.

Reboot the computer and TweakUI will now remove the shortcut arrows.

Note: Whilst this workaround will restore TweakUI functionality, no assurance can be given that the security update is not adversely affected.

This problem was first reported in Press FI by Bruce McCauley on March 10, 2002. KO referenced a shortcut arrow program at http://www.pcsoftware.co.nz/shortcut.exe that partially cured the problem.

Method Two:
(Information supplied by Spacemannz)

Go to Start > Run and type in regedit.
Do a search for isshortcut and delete what appears.
Quit regedit, reboot.
Voila! Shortcut arrows gone for good.


See Axcels web site:

Scroll down to PATCHED SHELL32.DLL BUG + FIX to see what they say.

The best solution is to make a transparent icon of the appropriate size, and replace the shortcut arrow icon in shell32.dll using a hex editor. It is carefully explained on that page and works a treat.
--Terry Porritt

Original FAQ available here (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/thread.jsp?forum=1&thread=22088&message=60929&q=faq%2325b#60929).