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30-08-2004, 04:25 PM
I'm about to throw my scanner into the rubbish.
I have an HP 3670 scanner. Justuseing the software that came with the scanner. (HP Director).
I have been scanning a 60 year old typewritten document. 26 pages of it. I have been scanning it into Word XP. and been saving it as RTF.
HOW am I supposed to join it all up into a continuous document?
I've tried copying and pasting it but pages just go anywhere not where they are supposed to. If I paste below the previous page it appears above it.or on top of it. It will not start a fresh page.
And the copying is atrocious. Even simple words are mis-spelled. I am useing HP OCR auto.
Unless someone can come up with an acceptable solution my next step will be to photocopy it and send it snail mail.

30-08-2004, 04:40 PM
Only the expensive "professional" versions of OCR software can do a very good job of copying text documents. As your original document is old it is likely that the font is a challenge for your OCR software to read.
To get all your pages into a continuous document in Word I would suggest copying your first scanned RTF page and pasting it into Word then pressing Ctrl + Enter to force a new page. Now copy and paste the RTF second page, ensuring that you have your cursor at the very end of the document. This is important.
If you find that it still does not work go to Insert, Break, Section Break Type, Continuous. Be sure to press Enter a couple of times between pages to separate them.
If you are still having problems post back for more advice.

Graham L
30-08-2004, 04:45 PM
All this wonderful technology is very clever. I'd choose the right technology and use a photocopier. Even with a few days in the post it'll be quicker. :D

A trained typist once told me that if the machine can't get better than 90% correct, it's much quicker for her to retype a document than to edit an OCR output.