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30-08-2004, 01:46 AM
Question 2] how do you think about getting a position of a web developer intern should be accomplished? I am not having much luck getting the amount of work I would like =/

I did do some formal study but it feels like I have heaps more to learn.
I may just place an advert in the herald or something soon to get a trial position or something *shrug*

30-08-2004, 02:12 AM
Send me an email:
Chilling_Silence [at] orcon [dot] net [dot] nz

I may have a small single job to help pay the bills while you're looking, depending on your experience / abilities :-)


30-08-2004, 01:37 PM
Also e-mail me:

stuartw77 [at]hotmail [dot] com

& I might be able to help :)

30-08-2004, 03:12 PM
>I am not having much luck getting the amount of work I would like
I'm having similar problems in Christchurch, the only thing I can think to do is work from home and use all your contacts eg. grandparents, mates, ya mum old freind etc) to bring in the work for you, I have done a few .co.nz websites and working on a couple at the moment. I think you need to build your own portfolio before they (big web companies) will even look at you.


30-08-2004, 03:17 PM
Yeah Rob I have started to find the same thing.

A guy in the house next door to me is training to be a pilot and he was like you had to take what work you can get to build up experience, then from there you have more options.

I was inclined to agree with his statements, although I think it can be a case of not only experience but good experience where you learn knowledge which can benefit the work.

I have done like 1 Dozen+ little sites, but its only part time at the moment.

Just started preparing my advert for the herald :-D

By the way what is your website? [If you have one]

30-08-2004, 03:23 PM

It is a little out dated, and I have only just realised the title only works in IE, anyway the portfolio page is what you want


30-08-2004, 03:32 PM
Kewl :-)

Just thought i would note some things:
In your resume: Farther means distance, like further away sort of. You may mean Father/Homemaker?

Missing Images

Missing image or similar

You have made a pretty kewl site :-)

iI you want to give feedback on mine its www.creightonbrown.geek.nz it still needs lots of work.

But work can go on forever and practicality limits set in: to design a site endlessly without care for financial realities or business realities under some systems of logic may be unwise, ergo I want to do more work websites :-)

30-08-2004, 03:33 PM
oops iI should have been If, where's edit when you need it :-P

30-08-2004, 03:34 PM

30-08-2004, 03:39 PM
Yeah I know Ive seen that a couple of times on other computer with no popup blocker. Thanks for the remind, I will get onto that very soon.

Any one know of a good free URL?

30-08-2004, 03:42 PM
I used to use http://www.brinkster.com but have converted to professional software, hosting and domains lately... I am sort of glad I have grown enough to be able to do it to pretty professional standards, but 5 years now I may look back and think things have improved even more, hopefully to the point of full time work *hopefully*

Ideally I think its best to use professional pay hosting, paid domains etc, I guess there has to be the budget to support it though.

30-08-2004, 03:48 PM
I would like to suggest you work for a web development company for free. It gets your foot in the door and will quite often lead to a permanent position. My partner worked for free at a web design company part-time while completing her training. By the time she had completed her course they had a full-time position waiting for her, no competition and no interview. There is a lot to be said for showing some intiative and offering your skills for nothing as a trial for prospective employers.

30-08-2004, 03:53 PM
Thanks for the suggestion :-D

I have thought about that, especially if it leads to good experience, because even if I dont get money i will get more skill :-)

I have been thinking of doing a maildrop... My classmate said just do heaps of emails but thats spamming and I want to stay clear of that to keep to good net etiquette.

I was thinking maybe the Herald advert might give the work opporunities a kick start.

I should probably add a line to the advert which is something like 'Will consider working for free for web firms in exchange for experience'

Herald advert is here http://www.creightonbrown.geek.nz/content/work_available.asp still working on it :-)

I was trying to keep it small so it doesnt end up costing a bomb, but maybe I should make it a bit bigger for your suggestion :-)

30-08-2004, 03:59 PM
Welcome to Oaro is currently in development, it's our family batch, should realy get off my backside ang get these things sorted and finished.

31-08-2004, 01:54 AM
What skills do you possess?

Do you have a portfolio of sites that you've created?

I use to be in the web developing scene but dropped it for a more challanging position. I still get client requests for web designing and if it's not too much of a hassle I could do it, but I still get requests for new sites which require site designing, images, testing and debugging and the optional content manager. If you can do websites for small-large businesses then I might have a few big clients you could get hold of.

Obviously you would know static HTML but what about dynamic web languages, databases and the ability to create sites that are easily maintainable by the people you develop them for.

31-08-2004, 02:04 AM
1] Skill list in resume

2] Some is online
Note that I studied at Media Design School and have much more skill than I have been able to apply now due to lack of clients, in the programming and database sense especially

3] Familair with HTML
Lots of ASP ASP, Some PHP/CFM.
Lots of MS Access, Some MS SQL/MySQL
I come from more of a you design to use it background :-)
Example estimated experience

4] One of my last web dev projects, waiting on client graphics from his graphics person
Example non technical plan

Thanks for messaging me :-)

Greg S
31-08-2004, 02:43 AM
I'd give you some good advice except that you're also based in Auckland and I don't want to help my opposition. Suffice it to say, you shouldn't even remotely be thinking about working for yourself if you're not prepared/able to sell your services. Do what any sales rep does and get onto the telephone and cold call! Or walk the streets and visit businesses.

I have a target of one new customer per week, and I don't stop phoning each week untill I get it. Nowadays I only have to spend a couple of hours per week to achieve this. Sometimes I don't have to phone at all because of word-of-mouth references - I even have a couple of customers overseas who've heard about my services from other customers

31-08-2004, 02:51 AM
Wow man with a portfolio like that, 12 sites, you should just walk into the company who you want to work for, sit down, and start working. I'm sure if they saw what you have been up to they wont kick you out, they would give you your own office.

Plenty of info on your site, not sure if thats too much.

31-08-2004, 02:51 AM
Thanks for the feedback Greg

I have actually applied to some firms now trying to work with them.

Basically I feel that by teaming up with someone I am hoping they can take care of more of the marketing/sales side as well as the graphics and I can focus on my strengths.

I have gone shop to shop a little bit, but Sales & Marketing isn't a strongpoint of mine which is why I have been considering joining another firm or working with other people.

Out of curiousity is it possible you could mention your site? I am keen to see others work :-) I have literally surfed 600+ 'Web Designer' pages listed on www.nzs.com and 3500+ listed on Yahoo]

31-08-2004, 02:56 AM
Hey Rob99, Thanks for you feedback too :-)

I am really hoping someone out there will be like, he's a good sort and with a bit more XP I could hopefully be tops. At this stage just trying to get my foot in the door to complete the package as per my last message [To get others help with graphics and Sales and Marketing]

When I get paid from a contract I plan on running a herald advert, maybe that will be enough for a firm to give me a start.

If its not I may also consider doing a mail drop to firms.

I have been working part time at it now for awhile, I am really starting trying to develop the nous to turn it into a full time option whether employed or sole trade/LTD etc

Greg S
31-08-2004, 03:17 AM
>but Sales & Marketing isn't a strongpoint of mine

That's where I'm lucky because my background has been 100% sales and customer service. I sometimes forget how unnatural selling can be for most people

> Out of curiousity is it possible you could mention your site?

Sure... I have several sites, my primary one is www.mis.co.nz. But I create a new one, and here's one of my trade secrets, for every market segment I approach. For example at the moment I'm hitting on florists, hence my site at www.kiwiflorists.co.nz. Note however that a couple of the lousier sites listed, I didn't design - I just took their existing, and added the e-commerce aspects and host it for them

31-08-2004, 03:28 AM
Looks good Greg :-)

I come from no sales background :-P

Bascially my history is die hard computer g33k hehe not quite, there is probably someone g33kier out there than me, probably several people.

Basically I am more into the Programming/Database side with also some abilities at Computer Support.

I have don't have very much people contact IRL [In Real Life], I sit here pretty much 65-70 Hours a week surfing and coding :-)

Good to develop some skills but not others. I do assist customers, I have recieved emails before after midnight and acted on them and replied within under 15 minutes in some cases :-D

I guess thats life though, the different skill bases which exist.

Personally I would prefer someone else to do the Sales and Marketing side, because it feels ackward to me.... But Give me MS Access and IIS and i'll happily sit there, some days on record for as long as 16 Hours [Note after quite a few hours though the typos increase ;-)]

What Programming Lanaguage and Database do you usually use?

Greg S
31-08-2004, 03:37 AM
> What Programming Lanaguage and Database do you
> usually use?

Now there's the thing - I know absolutely zilch about programming or databases - I just recently downloaded an HP course on PHP/MySql which I'll get around to learning one fine day.

In the meantime, why don't you give me your email address, and if/when I come across the need for some help I could possibly share the job with you.

Dolby Digital
31-08-2004, 12:10 PM
>>Do what any sales rep does and get onto the telephone and cold call!
Greg, I do not like people cold calling me, so to do so myself, I would be a hypocrite (so I have a problem don't I :) ). To me cold calling is a bit like spam, you don't know the person you are contacting and hassle them about buying a product or service. Often us technical people are not comfortable trying to get people to become customers and thats where you need sales and marketing services.

Greg S
31-08-2004, 12:24 PM
> >>Do what any sales rep does and get onto the
> telephone and cold call!
> Greg, I do not like people cold calling me, so to do
> so myself, I would be a hypocrite (so I have a
> problem don't I :) ). To me cold calling is a bit
> like spam, you don't know the person you are
> contacting and hassle them about buying a product or
> service. Often us technical people are not
> comfortable trying to get people to become customers
> and thats where you need sales and marketing
> services.

Fair points Dolby, but believe me when I say that I've got customers who absolutely adore me for coming along at exactly the time that they needed me for an Internet solution. I've spent possibly 20 years as a rep, and I've never had an easier time selling a useful service than I've had since I started this.

Dolby Digital
31-08-2004, 12:43 PM
Greg, do you get many people "showing you the door" on the phone?

I have an associate who spends his day doing "follow ups". Different market than yours (accounting) i.e. alot more expensive and its not my cup of tea (doing the follow ups). Of course when he makes a sale, I may get involved to do some development type work.

Dolby Digital
31-08-2004, 12:46 PM
Captive, send me an email at peldridg at xtra dot co dot nz I might have something that interests you.

31-08-2004, 12:50 PM
As an aside note you may want to remove from your CV the following:

2003.07 Ecommerce Media Design School NZQA LVL 6

[20/40 Weeks] Laid complaint with NZQA about tutor conduct, tutor resigned

2004.08 Diploma of Information Technology Natcoll NZQA LVL 6

[1/35 Week/s] Laid complaint against tutor for pirating software in class
instead of teaching the class

As great as you must feel about these, most employers are going to look at that and instantly see a potential problem/troublemaker.

I also find irony in the complaint regarding piracy as you state in your CV experience with thousands of dollars worth of production software which I hardly think you purchased yourself, and the short time spent in those two courses wouldn't have given you a lot of exposure to them.

Dolby Digital
31-08-2004, 12:50 PM
COBOL - spent 10 years coding that!!

Greg S
31-08-2004, 12:52 PM
> Greg, do you get many people "showing you the door"
> on the phone?

Heck yeah! When I say "easiest" a better phrase would be "less difficult". It's still a numbers game and I get about a 1 in 20 positive response, with about a quarter of those converted into a sale = about 1 sale in 100 calls, at around 10 calls per hour.

However the beauty of it is that I have my spiel well sorted and I can almost count on one hand the number of times when prospects have been rude or even brusque with me.

Occasionaly I sell a lesser service, eg if a customer has a non-performing website already, I can tailor a customised enhancement report for them for a small one-off fee.

31-08-2004, 01:50 PM
Yeah i suppose is should change the text.

I actually had more of a problem him pirating software in class time when people were there to learn, you don't go to a course to pirate software =/

If you actually would have checked my website I have spent $5000-$5500 in the last year alone on computer equipment. Of which around $4200 is for software [I utilised money from a trust] [for the 2003 to 2004 period]

I have access to a a personal and family trust fund which helps with a variety of costs :-)

Also consider I have been using computers 16 years, although in the earlier years my parents used to buy me stuff and still do [they used to get sick of me going 'please please please as a kid, bart simpson style ;-)]