View Full Version : soundblaster live 5.1.. mixing the centre and LFE channel

28-08-2004, 02:34 PM
Hi everyone I have a SoundBlaster live 5.1 (OEM) and I'm looking for a way to mix the LFE (low frequency effects) channel with the centre channel so that bass frequency’s are emitted from both channels.

This is because I have a 2.1 speaker system connected to my sound card in place of a centre speaker/subwoofer. Unfortunately since the LFE channel is emitted from ONLY one channel the bass is only half as strong as it should be.

Thanks (hopes their is an alternative to buying a complete surround sound system)

Graham L
28-08-2004, 03:27 PM
With three plugs, a couple of resistors,and a bit of cable you could make up a resistive mixer. (In fact, a TV aerial splitter (not a diplexer) and some adapters (between B-L and RCA) would probably do it). I haven't tried this ... maybe someone else has?

28-08-2004, 06:57 PM
As far as I know... you can do this with the Creative Mixer app.

Select the 2.1 speaker setup from the Creative Mixer app. Then hit the settings button and uncheck the bass redirection option. This will downmix the frequencies so that they are played through all your speakers. You may need to adjust your bass level setting as well depending how much low frequency you want going through the speakers.



30-08-2004, 10:46 AM
Thanks people I found the solution, a cable with a 3.5 mm plug on each end. One end goes into the LFE/centre output on the soundblaster live, the other end connects to the line in on the on-board sound card (kinda forgot that my computer has one of those)

I went into the mixer for the onboard card, unmuted line in and adjusted the 3d-depth so that both channeles are mixed now everything works fine