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Dolby Digital
25-08-2004, 08:32 PM

I have an IBM Thinkpad G40 which I think needs an appointment with the doctor... I have lost red when I use an external monitor (the crisp white is now has a blue tinge and the PC World banner is black!!). Its already been back to be fixed, and now 6 months later, red has decided to remove itself from the video mix again. Anyway, what I was wondering is whether it could "just" be the monitor plug pins i.e. are there 3 pins for red, green, blue and the red pin might have worn a bit. This is a concern for me as I don't want it to do it in 6 months again.

Whats the feeling on plugging and unplugging monitor cables and wear on the pins and plug. Some of my pc's I do it quite frequently (lets say once a week) and never had a problem.

Terry Porritt
25-08-2004, 09:12 PM
I dont think the video plug or socket would wear really, the biggest danger with frequent plugging unplugging is bending a pin.

Having said that I have a monitor tester that generates red, blue and green bands, and I had to replace the socket because ( by coincidence :) )the red was erratic. But that was after lots and lots of use testing monitors at auctions.

But you could have started with a slightly dodgy 15 pin socket to start with and the extra use of frequently plugging in an external monitor could have caused premature failure.

What happens if you jiggle the plug?

Dolby Digital
25-08-2004, 09:23 PM
>>What happens if you jiggle the plug?
It sometimes fixes it. Thats what it did the previous time until one day a jiggle just would not fix it. So this time I'm on to it straight away as the warranty is going to run out soon.

Just as an aside; the nice lady :x at the IBM help desk said 1. download the latest drivers 2. Run PC Doctor (which ships with the laptop). I had better do that before I get it shipped north of the Bombay hills to get that red back.

I have, of course, wondered about a docking station.

Terry Porritt
25-08-2004, 09:43 PM
What happened with my tester socket was that the socket female 'pin' had become enlarged so that the male pin (pin 1 for red) in a plug wasn't contacting properly all the time.

Since it is covered by warranty, then it would be best to get it fixed professionally.

The other thing that could happen is mechanical movement from plugging and unplugging has damaged the solder connection of pin1 of the socket at the motherboard.

I was going to suggest one of 2 things, bend pin 1 of the monitor plug, which is the pin at top left when looking at the plug with the larger part of the D shape at the top, just very slightly so that it may contact better in the socket.

The other very risky thing is to try very very carefully tinning pin 1 of the monitor plug with a quick dab of a hot soldering iron, to make it a bigger diameter.
But I'd get it fixed under warranty :)