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Smithie 38
25-08-2004, 06:32 PM
Hi folks.
I noticed yesterday morning an auto update was downloading and that it was taking a long time to complete. Late this afternoon it has downloaded 53% and I have been on line 7 or 8 hours , maybe longer for it to get that far.
I checked Windows update and it appears to be the SP2 service pack being downloaded automatically. Can I stop this downloading as I was going to use the CD off next months PC World to instal SP2. The trouble is when I go back on line each time it just picks up where it left off.
Should I just let it continue its slow download or can I cancel it and use the CD.
I am on dial up connection and I knew that downloading it would take yonks but didnt realise it was going to do it automatically
Thanks Smithie

pulling hair out
25-08-2004, 06:39 PM

Maybe if you stay offline, and in the meantime do a system restore if you are on XP. I went on to the new windows update site on my computer and you still have 2 choices - automatic or choose to select when/ what you download.

If they try that on me, I'm going to use the Product Recovery CD-Rom to reformat my Toshiba notebook, because I'm keen to see how it works and do a cleanout job at the same time.

You are bound to get some good help from the experienced posters here, I'm just making comments.

regards, Marg.

29-08-2004, 10:23 PM
Disable the auto-update.
Don't let Microsoft boss you around!
The only updates you need are the antvirus files.
The only reason to install SP1 is if you have a problem with USB modems.
SP2 may be useful if you have any 'wireless' problems and havn't got a firewall.
If its not broken, don't fix it!