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25-08-2004, 10:28 AM
hi all, looking for some assistance..
i'm trying to change my setup for no other reason than a learning experience and maybe enhanced security.

what im trying to set up is a box on 2kpro with 2 NIC's.. one is set up for my DSL router and this all works fine.. the other NIC is setup to my network switch and there is my main box off that.. this all works fine also, they can see each other and share fine...

BUT.. i cannot make the 2nd box (my main one, on XPpro) access the internet...

CAN i do this, i thought i could.. and .. umm HOW do i do this.. spent two nites on it so far with no success..

I thought it would be good for security, i have ZApro on the 2kpro with AVG and they both are working great...

help!!! any ideas out there..

25-08-2004, 10:37 AM
Greetings Subfan,

Welcome to PressF1.

First off, there's a Networking FAQ, if you scroll down the main page a bit its just been re-posted.

I'd kill Zone Alarm until you've got your ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) setup first.

Have you at least got the two doing file-sharing? Can they ping each other?

How are you doing this? Static IP? DHCP? Are both running off the router or are you running one Win2K box off the router and then hoping to use ICS on that Win2K to share with the other??



25-08-2004, 11:11 AM
thanks Chill..

yep, both machines can share sweet as.. no problem there.. ive set IP's in both machines rather than use DHCP.. i havent tried pinging tho.. not totally familiar with that.. but i figgered i didnt need to cos they work together... ive got them both running off my network switch fine..

the 2nd LAN connection on my 2k box is setup with my router.. thats all works fine too.. ive enabled ICS on that connection.. again, ive set IP's there, standard 192.168.x.x and that box accesses the net just fine

just cant make the other box access the net via the 2k box... all else is sweet as, except the g/f who wasnt happy with cables and PC bits all over the lounge....

25-08-2004, 11:19 AM
Hi again, just read the FAQ's on networking, that guy oughta be congratulated... real easy to read and follow..

ill try that tonite

Murray P
25-08-2004, 01:33 PM
Couple of things, as Chill has intimated, you have a router and a switch. therefore there is no need for the 2nd NIC and ICS (which just adds another layer of fud so avoid it if you can).

Your setup should look something like:

Wan (internet) ----> Router (say ----> Switch====>
-----> NIC PC1 (
-----> NIC PC2 (

The router is the gateway where as ICS will want to make the host PC (2 NIC's) the gateway.

Cheers Murray P