View Full Version : does anyone here ever sleep ?

Horny the Demon
24-08-2004, 01:56 AM
could someone point me in the direction to see what programs wont run after installing XP SP2 ?

and...doesnt anyone sleep around here ?

thanks in advance

24-08-2004, 02:11 AM
Occasionally !....

Earnie Moore
24-08-2004, 02:28 AM
You just reminded me

have you been here?

This recipe is from Now....you're cooking! http://www.donogh.com/cooking/ (http://www.donogh.com/cooking/csquares/mars.shtml/)

24-08-2004, 02:34 AM
Occasionally -
and I can't help you with XP...far too modern..
We weirdies sometimes have old stuff like Win 98(SE)
Some have even older ones...

And would you believe, some of those are teenagers fixing up even older stuff again.

So with a bit of patience, you may get answers to all sorts of things - from all sorts of people...

24-08-2004, 02:42 AM
When I said weirdies, I was of course referring to those of us awake in the small hours - nothing more.

24-08-2004, 07:04 AM
Some programs seem to stop working after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2
here (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=842242)

24-08-2004, 07:26 AM
Sleep?? Sleep is for mortals......

24-08-2004, 08:15 AM
> could someone point me in the direction to see what
> programs wont run after installing XP SP2 ?

It's been covered... use the search.

Horny the Demon
24-08-2004, 01:57 PM
thanks johnboy, I was in town today and needed to know what not to buy, you have saved me some money, thanks

Horny the Demon
24-08-2004, 02:00 PM
sorry whiskey, didnt mean to step on your corncob, johnboy showed me the way, hallehulla.

I apologise and bow down to your obvious superior knowledge :-)

24-08-2004, 02:10 PM
I'm a ME weirdie myself


24-08-2004, 02:16 PM
Service packs are dangerous alway have a image backup done and storted elsewhere before installation of any new software onto your C: drive

Horny the Demon
24-08-2004, 02:26 PM
noted, thankyou

the highlander
24-08-2004, 07:33 PM
Sleep is irrelevant.

Knackered of Borg

24-08-2004, 08:06 PM
I sometimes sleep around 4am for a bit.......

24-08-2004, 10:01 PM
With a name like Horny the Demon, I doubt if you are getting too much sleep either

24-08-2004, 10:34 PM
I am just weird and sleep from time to time.

Like when I feel like sleep.

"I eat when I'm hungry and drink when I'm dry and if whiskey don't kill me I'll live 'til I die."

Roughly. :-)

Horny the Demon
25-08-2004, 02:22 AM
I love playing "Dungeon Keeper and DK2 :-)

25-08-2004, 05:22 AM
How can you sleep at a time like this?
Windows to re-install, bootloaders to patch - it's all go tonight.

25-08-2004, 09:11 AM
Bootloaders to patch??

Mine "just work"?!

25-08-2004, 05:10 PM
>We weirdies sometimes have old stuff like Win 98(SE)

Windows 95 Represent.