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22-08-2004, 06:34 PM
My last post went in totally the wrong direction, and since then I have made some changes to my network, so I am reposting my query with updated and more relevant details so I don’t get answers that are not related to my real need.

I have a desktop system with a printer, scanner and hard disk space to spare, and a laptop that I connect to the desktop so I can access its shared resources, esp printing and storage.

I recently went to broadband so I had to beef up the security settings on my desktop, and as I had been using it for loading every sort of software for testing etc, and all my subs for AV etc had expired, I decided to reformat it and start afresh, only this time with a NTFS file system in stead of FAT32, and Symantec Internet Security Suite 2004 instead of the 2003 version. All Windows updates have been installed.

Before I reformatted the drive, I used to have straight forward access to the shared network resources on that machine by typing in \\MACHINENAME into Windows Explorer, pressing enter and I could poke around as much as I liked, but all that has changed now and I can not get past the network password dialogue box.

BOTH machines are running XP Pro, NIS firewall is configured to allow full unrestricted access to the address range I am using on my home network and I have already verified my network hardware, cables etc are in perfect running order, and of course, they worked perfectly before I reformatted. I can see both machines in My Network places and can ping in both directions successfully.

The assistance I need is with setting up access to the desktop. The dialogue box asks for a username and password, but the username is greyed out and every password I tried gets me nowhere.

So far, I have tried changing my network passwords by using the “Manage my Network Passwords” dialogue under user accounts, but am confused about the different fields.

Under SERVER NAME, what do I type in? The machine name I am trying to connect to?

Under USER NAME, I am required to use a format "user@domain". I am not using a domain, so what do I type in here, and if it’s something Windows uses out of the box, where do I find this info?. E.G., Does Windows use something like “username@ms.net”? how do I find this.

Under PASSOWRD, I guess I just type in the password, but which one? My own password or the password of the computer I am trying to connect to? Also, if I try to enter a password, I am asked if I want to change the domain password, but as I have already stated, I am not using a domain so is this necessary, and what relevance does it have?

In my last post, I had an answer about having an identical username on the computer I am trying to access, but due to my confusion about the format used for the USERNAME field, this has not made a lot of sense to me just yet, though I did try using the username and password of the computer I was trying to access. I may have been hindered by the format issue.

Can anybody give me a real solution, possibly a walk through of setting up access as if none existed in the first place please.

Thank you in advance.

Mike P

22-08-2004, 06:49 PM
Usually on XP if you want to share, is usually you have to add each PC as a guest on however many PC's you have. Or the easier way is to open My Computer. Then on both PC's go to Tools/Folder Options/View and tick Use Simple File sharing then OK OK.

And just as long as BOTH have the same workgroup. Under BOTH LAN icons on the PC's under properties/TCPIP/properties, you've selected
use the following ip and entered the ips in manually. And File / printer sharing is enabled on BOTH under the LAN icon/properties.

With NIS 2004 did you let it detect the NIC?? Not enter the ip in manually (It should have something like

Network address - IP
Mask under Personal Firewall/Home Networking?

22-08-2004, 07:12 PM
Simple File sharing is the default in XP and I have not changed it on either system, and both are using the same workgroup name.

Windows has shared folders, so I thought they would be available without FPS enabled.

I just checked and found file and printer sharing was not turned on, and now I can see the contents of the drive, but now I'm a little concerned as my router does not have a firewall, and even though my systems are firewalled, with folders shared, will they be open for the world to see and download from?

22-08-2004, 07:23 PM
Nah dont think so Mike. I share 1 folder on these PC's here (2 PC's / a folder just called downloads). And just use Norton Internet Security on both.

No prob at all. BTW, DON'T share the whole hard drive. Not a good idea. If thats what you've done. Just share a folder. And share between PCS from the 1 folder. If you wanted to print to one of the printers. It should NOW appear under printers (on the networked PC as well).

Just turn the printer on.