View Full Version : recording problem

03-07-2000, 04:37 PM
i am using win98se, and netscape 4.73.
i use netscape voice mail very often.
The problem is , that, when i start recording voice mail i get feed back from the speakers, that is i hear myself as i speak, so the only way i could record a voice mil is by putting the speaker to mute, i did not have this problem when i was using
now the voleme control panel settings are as follows:
in vol/ctrl I got vol/ctrl bal,mic bal(with mute is ticked),cd audio bal, midi bal, wave bal.
In rec/ctrl i got rec/bal(with,mute all is greyed out), mic/bal, cd audio bal, midi bal. In the same dialog box if i click 'advanced',i come to another d/box 'advanced ctrl/panel for rec/ctrl' and in that '1 record monitor is ticked'.
So if you understand my problem and can help , that will be greatly appriciated.