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02-07-2000, 11:05 AM
I have an HP Pavilion 8603,
Intel Pentium III processor 5OOE MHz,
64Mb 100MHz SDRAM,
10.2GB Ultra DMA hard drive,
4-4-32 Multiread HP CDRW drive,
High Velocity V90 k56flex data/fax modem,
Intergrated Intel Direct AGP 3D graphics with up 11MB dynamic video memory....
And I want to use my computer for mainly graphics with programes such as Photoshop,Maya,3D Max studio but befor i start saving up for these programes i was wondering if i should upgrade some of things mentioned above, so my computer can handle these programes, it's just that i heard that these programes use up alot of your system resources and memory
is this correct?
could anyone please help me,