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pulling hair out
15-08-2004, 01:08 PM

A friends 15" monitor had been put on 800 x 600 resolution, causing screen picture to leave a half inch gap on the left side, regardless of how they try to alter it. Stretching in all directions didn't help, neither did moving up in down in conjunction with the stretching.

Changed resolution to 1024 x 768 which solved that problem. Fonts were too small so we changed the fonts to largest type, which worked in the main part but when it came to the dialog windows the fonts were still to small. Pete's nose almost hit the screen to be able to read it.
Also chose "clear type" which helped the main windows, but dialog boxes still a real pain.

Has any one any tips I can try. Am going round to their place in about an hours time, and don't want to have to set it back to the old settings with the black strip down the side.

Their OS is Windows XP. The monitor has 15D on the surrround part of the monitor, L/hand bottom corner. Don't know the make. will find out when I get there.

Any help would be really appreciated, as they have been mucked around alot just getting this near new computer setup.

regards Marg.

Peter H
15-08-2004, 01:22 PM
The monitor should have it's own controls - first horizontal position to make the picture central - the H size to fit the screen.

15-08-2004, 01:34 PM
How "near new" is it? A lot of computer stores will quite happily have a look at small issues like that and try to fix it. By the sounds of things it should just be a little monitor setting tweak (using the buttons/dials etc. on the screen). Try going to the computer store and ask them if they could fix it - they should do it for nothing (as it shouldn't be technical... if it is, then it should be covered by warranty anyway).


15-08-2004, 02:09 PM
It sounds like a flat panel LCD monitor, so the 1024 x 768 will likely be correct (and also explains the smaller picture at lower resolution).

You need to run it at the native (1024 x 768) resolution.

The sharpness of the LCD display and the higher resolution do make the fonts smaller and if you are not used to it or have less than optimal eyesight it can be a problem.

In Display properties - Appearance - Advanced you can select most items that you want to alter the font on. Try that, but keep a note of the original settings in case you need to revert.

15-08-2004, 02:18 PM
If it is a CRT monitor, try changing the refresh rate while in 800 x 600. Some monitors can do some strange things at higher refresh rates.

pulling hair out
15-08-2004, 04:28 PM
Thanks to those who replied.
Had used the monitor controls to do the stretching etc but no go at all.
Have been round to look at it, and decided to move the slide to 800 x 600 again and switched font type back to normal, but didn't touch any thing else.

Well, guess what. Picture now fills the whole screen. No black space. It wouldn't do that before on 800 x 600 and only I changed 2 things today. Talk about temperamental electronic equipment!

Drove back home in "full-on" sleet behind a 4wheel drive which was doing a.60km/hr on an open road. He could have done with some fixing as well, as all the cars were piled up behind him.

Pete's eyes do need checking though. And I understand now how descriptions of what is on the screen aint necessarily what is there. Ie. I was told there was a black "blob" on the screen and it was through the picture. Mind you my post might not have presented the true picture either.
If so, I'm sorry.

Thanks for your help though.
Regards Marg.

Billy T
15-08-2004, 05:27 PM
Was it a CRT type then Marg?


Billy 8-{)

pulling hair out
15-08-2004, 06:04 PM
Hi Billy-T

It looked an oldish monitor, forgot to ask or check what it was, so probably was. Not LCD anyway. This computer belonged to someone else before them.

Didn't touch the refresh rate at all. But they are all smiles now. To be honest, the person who rigged everything up to begin with, had been mucking them around for a few years with the last computer. They thought that this time they'd be OK. But no, this guy wouldn't even know the meaning of scruples and hasn't given them the Window's CD either. Hope this WinXP sp2 doesn't cause their computer to go haywire. Something funny about the whole setup.

regards Marg.