View Full Version : L1 CPU Cache Memory

27-06-2000, 12:45 PM
Currently running Win95a with 64 Mb RAM. System slowing down & found there is 25.6 Mb in L1 cache, with only 18Mb free on opening up, System is using 15.73 Mb & Mocntrl 4.76 mb. Is there anyway to reduce L1 cache.Have removed all Win95 cab, unwanted programs & files + internet junk to give 416 mb free on C drive of 1000 mb. There are still some garbage files not detected by Uninstal. Registry has been cleaned using Regclean & Uninstal. Recently installed Nuts & Bolts, RAM Diagnostics should be treated with caution re tests run, as once started it can't be stopped until test(s) completed 45 + mins later. Frank