View Full Version : floppy not working

27-06-2000, 09:57 AM
hi,i have a 486 dx2-50 & the problem is the floppy a:\ wont work.when i boot the computer with a disc in the floppy it makes a noise & light comes on & it continues to load windows without displaying the error message 'non system disk error '. If I boot using a boot disk it still goes to windows without reading the disc.I have checked the settings in the bios & 1.44mb floppy a:\ is enabled & there appears to be no option to change the boot sequence.Once windows has loaded,I double click the a:\floppy icon & get the message that a:\is not accessable or the device is not working,try again or cancel.I have tried 3 different floppy drives & also tried another cable &another i/o card.Any ideas will be much appreciated.
PS:In device manager I remved floppy disc drive & floppy disc controller,restarted & run hardware wizard & floppy controller was detected & reinstalled.