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28-07-2004, 08:29 PM
Does anyone have any experience with Microsoft XP Power Toy virtual desktop manager. Is it stable? Is it uninstallable?

Are there any better virtual desktop managers?


Murray P
30-07-2004, 05:33 PM

30-07-2004, 05:43 PM
On my Celeron 1.2ghz, 384mb RAM Intel Extreme GFX card I find it to be good. It's stable, and quite fast. It isn't un-installable, but it's really easy to turn off. It's a Taskbar Toolbar, so you can turn it on and off at any time.

The thing is I never use it :p

But it's nice to know it's there. I think...

30-07-2004, 06:06 PM
If you have an nVidia card you can use the built in nView program to give you several virtual desktops... can't tell you exactly where it is as I'm in Xandros at the moment but I know that it's hiding somewhere in the nVidia control panel.

31-07-2004, 12:38 AM
Thanks for the replies and the bump.