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28-07-2004, 09:19 PM
At the moment I have a 3 Com Robotics 56k modem going to a freesco floppy router with 2*3 Com NIC's,one going to my Linux box and the other to my daughters win98 unit.The system works extremely well (for a 56k modem),but I would like to upgrade to ADSL using the above set up (- the 56k modem)+ another NIC and a
DLINK DSL-300 ADSL Ethernet modem.

DLINK Modem ---> freesco router| ---> Linux
|---> Win 98
The question is : would this modem work with the above set up.


Murray P
28-07-2004, 09:54 PM
Not quiet sure what you mean by would the modem work with this setup. If you mean the DSL router then, no, the modem will not work on a DSL line and is redundent anyway along with your freesco router (although I'm not sure what it is or what use it could be put to now, I assume it is for sharing an analogue connection).

The D-Link has a built in hub/switch right? Put the NIC's in each PC (if you don't already have LAN/NIC cards in them), set the new DSL router up as the gateway with cat5/6 cable plugged into its ports in each PC and away you go with shared internet via the DSL router.

If the D-Link does not have a built in hub you may be able to use the freesco but my guess is you wont be able to. Spend $25-40 on a 4 port switch to interface the PC's with the DSL router.

If you need any help with the network setup post back.

Cheers Murray P

28-07-2004, 11:27 PM
The dlink modem is just a adsl modem: http://www.dlink.co.nz/products/broadband/dsl300/.I am new to adsl and networking,so if I am mistaken please correct me.
The router I built myself from a desktop P155,2*3 Com NIC's,a floppy drive and software from www.freesco.org.The router can be set up for ppp,pppoe and adsl.My idea was to put another NIC into the router and have it connect to the adsl modem.

Cheers Lachlan

Graham L
29-07-2004, 03:28 PM
I take it the present modem is installed in the router box. (I guess "freesfo floppy router" is one of the linux based standalone router rpoh\grammes). It should easily cope with another card (3Com --- good choice ... those and SMC/WD are my all time favourites :D) and a change in its configuration file to tell it to look for the evil world though that port.

Murray P
29-07-2004, 04:18 PM
Hi Lachlan

I see (said the blind man), it is just a modem. As GL says, you router box will be just fine. Nice to see it has firewall and NAT all on a floppy also nice to see that free(sco) does not stand for SCO but ciSCO.

I've been thinking of a similar box for a cable connection (when I get it) with Smoothwall and M0n0wall being up with my picks but freesco (http://www.freesco.org/?L=overview&PHPSESSID=3ef954b23305540b10eb527f2129d65a) looks really interesting, will run on 5/8ths of **.
Cheers Murray P